Strength of Character: An Essential for Entrepreneurs

Leadership is all about having character. An entrepreneur is a leader and the company’s destiny is designed by the habits and the character of an entrepreneur. Yes, being street smart, and business wise helps but in the long run nothing that is based on a lack of character stands strong. If you look at the entrepreneurs who have had long successful lives and are still going strong at the ripe old age years you will see that these are the ones who people would want to grow up to be like. As an entrepreneur it is important that you make your character your strength and the reason why people would love to keep coming back to associate with you.

1. Be Transparent:
Running a business is all about working with people. While business skills and being sharp matters, it is also important that you as an entrepreneur come out as a person who not only has business skills but also has the required humane qualities in you. It is important that your business is transparent for those who work with you. It is not advisable that you share your company information with the outside world but at least with the people who spend time supporting your company know what exactly is going on in the business and how it is going to affect them.

2. Keep Your Words:
People who know how to keep their words always earn the trust of their colleagues. These entrepreneurs always have the respect and support of their colleagues. In business it is great to be surrounded by people who trust you, who want to associate with you and who has your back. It might seem very easy to dupe people by not sticking to words, but in the long run, an entrepreneur who does not keep his words has to pay a lot more. Moreover, employees who had been harassed by these employers would also not want to support them in the future if the need arises. If you want to keep a strong relation with your employees it is important that you stick to your words.

3. Value your Employees:
Many entrepreneurs hold the notion that if they reveal that they value their employees they would lose their hierarchical position or become a little less. A company that focuses on hierarchy naturally do not mingle or express gratitude freely. This results in employees with no motivation power and no excitement for new challenges. However, a little pat on the back, a little appreciation can go a long way in keeping employees enthusiastic to work and give out results that can boost the company’s performance. All it takes is a little appreciation and the acceptance of the fact that a company values its employees.

4. A Firm Mind:
No one wants to work with a leader who is unsure about the company’s next plan of action. People who work in a company depend on the organisation for their financial needs. No one works for free. Not even the most philanthropic of entrepreneurs would work for free. It is important that an entrepreneur keep the company policies firm of making payments, giving paid holidays and other things to make sure that it retains valuable employees.
There are many start-ups who are completely messed up. It is important that entrepreneurs reach out to hire employees only when they have first cleared up their mess.

5. Be a Reason why People Stay:
There are many entrepreneurs who are adored by their employees. A visit by these entrepreneurs are something that are eagerly looked out for. An interaction with these people are welcome because it can give so much to anyone. Imagine the likes of Warren Buffett or Bill Gates coming into their offices. Employees would rush to meet them and want to spend as much time with them. Work or no work it does not matter. Then there are those entrepreneurs whose visit to office might seem like a visit by negativity. Employees naturally would avoid meeting them or having a chance conversation with them because all they give out is negativity and de motivate people. They do so because they themselves are not happy with their life. Which would you want to be?
Needless to say the former entrepreneur succeeds in building a large empire while the latter stays grand at his/her level.

6. Motivate:
Motivation is an important part of a business. A place that gives one no motivation would naturally have no employees eager to work for them. Entrepreneurs must make sure that employees stay motivated. It is the fuel that can take a business to new heights or leave it where it is. A company should be made into something that people love going to and it can be made so only by the company culture that an entrepreneur initiates. Recognize achievements, recognize special days, have pat on the back gifts. These can make a company flourish.

Entrepreneurs are the basic on which a company rests. The character of an entrepreneur is very important to make sure that a company succeeds and is well accepted in the business world. Every company that has grown and remained strong for decades has been run by people who had strong character and understood the importance of the humans who worked with them. The ones who take their employees for granted cannot taste success. An entrepreneur might have a thought but that thought is materialised by the quality work of the employees. Entrepreneurs who know this are sure to have a great future. Entrepreneurs who think they are the BE ALL and END ALL of the company would learn the truth in a difficult way. Build your character, correct your flaws. All these would work to make your company stronger. The reason why some companies reach success while others lack is because of the person who leads it. Make yourself capable of success. Make yourself an entrepreneur whose name success wants to write down in business history.

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