Successful Women Entrepreneurs who Started Off Leisurely

When it comes to female entrepreneurs the business world seem a little tougher. The fact that a woman started off late in her career makes the competition something that is completely out of her league. Experience has shown to us time and again that there is no fixed rule to achieve success and these women entrepreneurs are proof that starting late and being a successful woman in a male dominated society is sometimes a piece of cake, if only you put your mind at taking your business to success. The women entrepreneurs that are listed here are not women who have made it big in their own locality but has crossed the threshold of boundaries and have established themselves across globally. Let us take a look at these six globally established entrepreneurs who have started late but has made up for the time with the success that they achieved.

1. Martha Stewart:
Anyone in love and an involvement with the global culinary scenario will know of Martha Stewart. She has been around as a successful chef and writer of cooks books and magazines. However, she decided in the year 1997 to centralise her various ventures and created the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Company. She was 56. Ever since its establishment, this media conglomerate has known only success and has penetrated through the worlds of TV, radio and even wine. Stewart is one of the wealthiest woman known to the world and has a net worth of $300 million.

2. Vera Wang:
Vera Wang is a New York based entrepreneur who started her business career at the age of 40. She is known well across the globe and New York for her high-end label that encompasses clothes, shoes and perfumes. It also has with it a lot of other side lines.
Interestingly Wang was inspired to get into her own business after she designed her wedding dress. The fact that she had a long career with Vogue gave her the necessary contacts that were needed to take her business to where it is today. She has a worth of more than $400 million.

3. Robin Chase:
Robin Chase is the CEO of Zipcar. She thought of starting a company at the age of 41 in the year 2000. The company did not reach success very easily with many a times the company facing trouble in its way to establishment. The company allows for an innovative transportation service that allows customers to rent cars by the hour. The company was later sold for an amount of $500 million making Robin Chase one of the richest woman in the world.

4. Lynn Brooks:
Lynn Brooks was the founder of Big Apple Greeters. She founded this company way back in 1992 to improve the reputation of New York to outsiders. The company worked by sending volunteers who would greet visitors and help them with advice and tips for their visit. They also encouraged people to give feedback so that they can help improvise the city further. Brooks started the company at the fairly old age of 56. It has grown to be a worldwide organisation. The company has been so successful that it has also grown itself to 100 locations across the globe.

5. Cath Kidston:
Cath Kidston is the founder of Cath Kidston Limited. She started this company at the age of 45. She has always worked as a shop owner that specialised in second hand furniture. The Cath Kidston Limited is a company that sells vintage clothing and home furnishing. This company has seen success worldwide success even when the world at large had faced recession. Cath Kidston sold the company in 2010 to investors. This brought her an amount of 25 million pounds. She also retained her position as one of the board of directors.

6. Lynda Weinman:
Lynda Weinman had a successful career with her association with movies like Robocop 2 and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in the special effects department. Lynda started the company named Lynda.com at the age of 42 in the year 1995.The fact that she has launched her company ahead of the internet boom has made her a success. The company was brought in 2015 by Linked In for an amount of $1.5 billion.

The road to success does not have any map. All one needs is a passion to materialise one’s business dream. The success of these women prove that age is just a number and success do not actually decide on favouring those who start early. The business world is very less populated by the women entrepreneurs. It is a tough place for women, but this does not mean that it is not possible to break through it and leave a signature. The women we discussed are proof that the business world is open to women with the entrepreneurial grit and passion to succeed. The idea is to keep pursuing your dreams and not giving it the excuse of age. It is possible that you might have a great idea but not the funds to materialise that idea. The future might bring an opportunity where you are in a position to chase your idea. It is then that you should take reins of your business and invest completely in that far off idea that came to your younger self. It is also possible that experience brings to you a lot of ideas that did not earlier come to you. It is important that you keep the fire of your dreams blazing and not give the excuse of age. It is possible that a late start might actually work better for you. The business world is full of possibilities. The entrepreneurs who understand this are the ones who make it big, irrespective of when or how they start. Starting old and making it big also gives one the advantage of actually taking the serious responsibility of handling a business when they are ready while using their youth to learn about how things work.

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