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Every entrepreneur who is unaware of the content world often find themselves at the end of the question – ‘How to make content work for the business?’ Content has been taken as that essential part of a business without which it is impossible to make business. A business that has no content marketing and is very successful is unheard of. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of content marketing. They do what needs to be done to get that content running. But there are a lot of entrepreneurs who do not seem to gain out of their content. Many are unaware of the fact that content is not just about writing an article. There is more to it that gives entrepreneurs the desired result. User Research is one element that can give your content that much needed power to make your business a success. People have always emphasised a lot on SEO and many other things but have forgotten all about User Research.

What is User research?

When it comes to talking about User research we cannot choose to ignore the concept of buyer personas. A buyer persona is a kind of an idea of what the ideal customer of a business would be like. These ideas gives one a representation of the ideal customer that is based on market research and the data that a business receives from the existing clients. Buyer personas can be arrived at through the study of demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations and goals.
User Research on the other hand is different from buyer personas because it focuses on understanding human behaviours, needs and motivations through the use of observation, task analysis and other kind of research. User research is more effective because it is based on a buyer’s persona activity and his/her engagement with the content that a business shares. User research is a kind of research that does a detailed research to understand the audience that a business has. If your team has a good research team then a user research would provide a better idea about the customer, a more engaging and targeted content and a good insight into a company’s best content marketing channels.

How does user research help the content that your business sends out?
When a business engages in doing user research one can decide on writing posts that increases the productivity of a business by responding to the client’s needs. One can then refocus from simply updating a blog for the sake of updating it and then move on to specific client focused content.
There are many things that an entrepreneur can do to make user research a part of their daily business routine. The user research way can also give a business the added advantage of looking at one’s customers activities. User research can be done by three ways. They are discussed below:

1. Surveys:
Surveys have a great way of providing you the correct information. It can help a business to get insights that otherwise goes unspoken. There are many tools like SurveyMonkey and the like that you can use to have a survey. You can use these tools to ask a question after your customers have read through a blog like ‘How did you come to know about us?’, ‘Did this blog answer your question?’, and ‘What other information are you looking at?’
These questions do not take much to answer but can bring to you a lot of insights. Insights that can help you to create content that would be kind of tailor made for all your customers.

2. Connect:
Yes, you need to connect with your users and customers. It is important that you look at those users who are the very engaged followers. Then a representative from your company can send a private message to them. You can also include what the call is about, how they gain by connecting with you, etc.
The good way to approach them is to reveal that you want to write content that gives the readers what they want and without their feedback you cannot proceed. However, not many customers would want to interact with a business representative with questions. You can make this easy by offering them a reward that also suits your business.

3. Keyword Research:
Keyword research is something that can never be overlooked. User Research relies on search analytics. Every user who reaches a business site comes looking for something different. Google Analytics on your website would help you to understand what it is that users are looking for?
This will help you to understand the different tastes that your customers have and work on all the differences. This will naturally help you to get more readers to your website and create posts that target the search of your audience.

Content Marketing is that dimension of your business that you need to understand. You cannot reach success without knowing how content marketing works. But once you know, it becomes very easy for you to make your ends meet. Having great content is important. But having great content on topics that your readers are not interested in do not help your business. Entrepreneurs who do not seem to get the progress that they expect from readers is because they update their blog just for the sake of it and not because they are really interested to give their readers an audience focused experience. A little research here would go a long way in making your content look like it is doing the right thing for your business. User Research can help your business to create content that would bring in readers coming back for more. Entrepreneurs who are struggling with their business must give User Research the much deserved chance to improve your business. It does not take any investment or a lot of money, but a dedicated team who would actually sit down to do this work every day. Arm your business with the power of User Research and give your business the chance to make it big.

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