Break Through Comfort to Create your Empire

Leaving a job to work on your business for the first time might seem to be a foolish decision. But being stuck in a job that does not give you your desired satisfaction is not a good thing either. Moreover the fact that you are passionate about starting your own business makes the stay even worse. Working in a company comes with many problems like putting up with people you cannot professionally make sense of, disrespectful bosses or simply the need to stay long working hours doing someone else’s job! Many entrepreneurs who wanted to break free from the corporate has long hesitated to take the plunge in entrepreneurship because of the reason that something that is thought of as unconventional is always looked as something not wise to do. But success stays outside of one’s comfort zone. So if you are stuck in a job that does not pay you your worth and you have an entrepreneurial idea that is buzzing to materialise then with all the reasons choose your idea over the comfort of a bad work culture. However, when moving out of a company it is important that you remember to bring with you those skills and contacts that you have made while at work. Contacts and many other corporate professional relationships go a long way when it comes to laying the foundation of your own business empire. If you are someone who wants to quit your job and want to start out on your own, here are a few advice on how to quit your company the professional way. This will make sure that you bring with yourself to your dream the important elements to make it a success.

1. Plan Out Well:
Of course you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Choosing your dream over the comfort of a corporate job must be therefore based on proper planning. Once you have planned that you want to exit, make sure that you have the foundation of your business built strong. Make the move once you are sure that this is the right time.
It is natural to be frustrated when one is stuck in the wrong job and the dreams are calling for your attention, but it is also important to be patient. If you are a born entrepreneur of course, working to build someone else’s business might sound very meaningless to you. Make use of the skills that you develop while you also work at building your empire.
To give an example of how to balance your relation with a company that you call quits, look at Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos worked at Hedge Fund with D.E.Shaw. His main job there was to research on internet based opportunities. This gave him the idea to become an entrepreneur and he started to work on his dream. Of course the time came when he finally left the company but reached out to his connections in his previous company like the programmers and the others who were happy to join him. His good work and experience in the former company helped him hire the first employee and the rest is history.

2. Cultivate Lasting Relationship:
The reason why Jeff Bezos could hire for his company from the company that he left was because he had cultivated lasting relationships with people there. There are a lot of talent in a corporate. There might be some like you too who are simply waiting for another opportunity that would help them to move out.
When you have plans to quit your job, do not quit the relationships that you have. After you have given your papers, you can maybe have a corporate meet with your soon-to-be ex colleagues and tell them about your plans. The talent pool that you have in your company might like Jeff Bezos help you to build your dream from a scratch.

3. Keep in Touch:
Being an entrepreneur requires that you have contacts. It is important that you keep your contacts from your current company and even follow up on them when you start your company. A review from an expert, a technology expert, a legal woman all these people form the basis of a company. A business that is in the hands of expert professionals and professionals that you know well will be in good hands. The fact that you do not need to trust on strangers for your dream project makes it worth to keep your contacts in touch with you.

Chasing your business dream while being in a comfortable but not so motivating corporate job might seem to be a little difficult. It is natural for an individual to hesitate to give up what is familiar and what is comfortable. But the cocoon of comfort can never bring you to your highest potential. It is important that you as an entrepreneur make the first step towards your business idea. Keep your contacts and share your idea with those who might seem interested.
Quitting your job for something that you are passionate about must not be a hard decision. The decision is already made in your heart all you need to do is have a proper plan following your heart’s desire. Every great entrepreneur who has made it to where they are now has done it by following their heart and pushing aside convention for what they believe to be true. The world has been changed by the revolution of the business world. To start with e-commerce is a venture that people never believed in. To follow up with more, there were those others who thought that being a chef was not a very profitable job. But if you look at the business world you will see that nothing stays the same. The business world is shaped by that entrepreneur who dares to take the plunge and craft his/her empire.

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