Technology Addiction Blurs the Chances of Success

The business world is in love with technology. Entrepreneurs cannot stop gushing about things like Cryptocurrency, Block chain Technology and AI. Technology has really reshaped the way we know the business world and it has been reshaped for the better. Given this scenario, it is natural that people in business are enamored by everything that speaks remotely of technology. But it is important that entrepreneurs do not suffer from the effect of a technology addiction.

A technology addiction has the capacity to make an otherwise efficient entrepreneur tired even before he/she starts work. The fact that it can affect the efficiency of an entrepreneur makes technology addiction something that entrepreneurs must learn to stay away from.
Business today is actively carried on using technology. Unlike the business of the yesteryear’s that involved more face-to-face interactions, business today is all about having the correct apps, being connected 24/7 and checking out for new business updates every moment. Yes, every moment is not an exaggeration because of the need of entrepreneurs to stay updated of the information that makes every business minute.

While technology in business has helped the business world to gather, store and work on important information easy, it has also brought in the pressure to perform. Entrepreneurs are human. They cannot keep pace with the pace of the technological conveniences that they have employed to serve them through their business. This is one reason that entrepreneurs feel that they have too much to handle and that they are better off without technology. There is no business that can survive without the use of technology. Entrepreneurs must try to balance their technology use to make their business work better with it. The first thing that they need to do is try to get away from the addiction that is making technology difficult for them to handle.

Here’s how?

1.Skip the Compulsive Check-In:
Many entrepreneurs have the habit of checking their emails, and social media every moment. Some of them start their office with that. Getting a lot of information regularly makes your mind shirk the details. The over-the-top information makes one less interested to focus on the larger picture of the day.
It is important that entrepreneurs do not do their business check-ins first thing in the morning. They should rather start the day by helping their minds calm down before they start a busy day.

2. Keep Away from all Digital Interference:
Digital gadgets do not understand that regular notification makes one very stressed out. There are times when an entrepreneur is busy doing something when there is digital interference. Maybe there is this email that you had been waiting to hear of or maybe there is this social media update that is important to you. This makes entrepreneurs focus away from the job at hand and focus on something else that could have waited. This is something that entrepreneurs must do away with. This affects productivity and efficiency and also takes away time. A minute lost is a lot more in the business world than just a minute.

3. Avoid Fire Drills:
Being connected all the time has its benefits. But it also comes with the fact that one needs to be available and perform all the time. Many entrepreneurs find themselves being dragged to online meetings, etc. in a day. People who think that it is important to connect for a meeting forget that they also need to check out if the other person is busy before calling one. This makes many entrepreneurs stay stressed throughout the day, while making a note of the other pending tasks that are on hold because he/she needs to be online.

4. Stop Being Available:
Entrepreneurs must draw a line and stop being available online. It is important that they make their schedule clear to everyone who work with them. The time that they have a digital curfew is something that he/she must make clear that the others must understand. This will give the power back to the entrepreneur. He/she will have the power to decide when to respond and respond to something when free. The problem with connectivity is that all communication and information come with the urgent action requirement. Many of these urgent communication are information that can be sorted later. Entrepreneurs must make sure that they do not give in to the digital requirements.

5. Replace Browsing with your Gut Feeling:
Entrepreneurs have the capacity to decide on something without resorting to the internet. This is something that over dependence on technology has made them forget. When an entrepreneur meets a new client, or a new opportunity, the first thing that they resort to is the browser. It is high time that you stop doing that. Trust your interaction. Give it time to prove itself.

6. Leave your Phone:
This might seem undo-able for entrepreneurs who think that they must be on the top of everything. But doing away with your phone is something that would increase your efficiency. It will also help you to relax more. Understand that you do not need to be on the phone. You can take a break from it as long as you want to give your focus on something that matters to your business.

Technology addiction like all other addiction comes in without an entrepreneur knowing that they are starting to get addicted. It is important that they keep themselves away from technology addiction. It might seem very difficult to get away from an addiction, but it is not something that is impossible. Learn to run your business without being addicted to technology. Make a habit of being connected only when needed. Technology has a way of making everything seem to require your attention every minute. But the fact is things can wait. Give your company your efficiency and your attention when it needs it. Keep yourself and your company culture free from technology addiction to build a great business empire that has a great working culture and the possibility of success.

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