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Revealed! The Secret of Affordable Content Marketing

Content Marketing is imperative for a business success. It is one of the most co-efficient marketing strategy that can easily take a business from ‘a struggle to be known’ to ‘the high of being a brand.’ As it is very common in the business world nothing that is good comes cheap. Content marketing is in itself is a very costly procedure that requires a lot of money from a company. Where there is high quality content, there is going to be a price tag! Companies usually resort to in-house personnel or go to the experienced firms that can provide them the excellent work. In either case, there is a lot of money involved. However, there is another way to creating a great marketing strategy that entrepreneurs can use to make sure that their company has that great visibility without the finances of the company going low.
Here is a look.

1. Reuse your Old Content in an Innovative Way:
Reusing an article might sound not very lucrative, but there are ways that you can make this into a profitable habit. Every company has some blog posts that might have somehow created the exact interest from the audience. The amount of traffic that it brought in still would hold a year or two later. The best part is if it is something that would ring with the audience even now, then chances are that you will be able to bring in the same traffic again. But you should be careful!
It would really put people off if they see that you are posting the same article.
Before you proceed to try this, make sure that the article that you are reusing is at least a year old. Make some changes to the body in terms of the language so that it makes a connection to the present audience and does not give away the fact that it is an old article. Change the headline. Make internal changes, etc. However you must be very careful about not changing the URL. Changing the URL will make you lose all the SEO profits that you had made earlier. After these basic changes you are good to go!

2. Reimagine an Article in Different Mediums:
An article that has been successfully used can be reimagined in different mediums. Maybe your company has a blog post that did well. One can use that blogpost in a different medium like an infographic. One can also focus on creating a features article with an author’s bio with it. The idea is to reimagine the article in different ways and then create different ways to which one can attract SEO. This saves a lot of money and time too. Moreover you do not need to spend a lot of money on each article. It gives you the visibility without having to spend an amount that would create holes in your company pocket.

3. Advertising is Key:
It must be old news for experienced entrepreneurs that advertising your content is a key element for a business success. Creating an article, publishing it and making the regular edits is just the first step to content marketing. Without the necessary advertising and promotion, an article remains unexplored. A piece of content can bring to you the necessary profits only when it is promoted through the proper channels. Although it must be a known fact for the experienced, I repeat here for those who still do not think that advertising content is an important part that you should showcase your piece across all your company Social Media. This should be followed by sending paid ads and conducting influencer marketing to take the piece to its highest potential.

4. A Monthly Series:
Who does not get comfortable with something to look out for every week? This expectation builds the interest and works like magic to give a boost to a content that was unheard of before. Creating new content every month is something that is financially taxing. Needless to say coming up with new content every month also lets you to sometimes give out low quality content that does not create the required buzz. Entrepreneurs who are going that way must think of creating a monthly series with the content in hand. One can simply turn a piece of content into a template that would be featured in continuation every month.

For example, you can feature an article like 20 ways to do something into two parts. One would come previously followed by the later part in the following month. If it is a good piece it would get people’s interest. The fact that the later part would be published the following month will keep them interested in your next monthly update.

5. Interviews:
Interviews are a great source of insight to a subject and also a great filler for content. It is also a very powerful way of creating content because it gives your company an exposure that is backed by the important people in business. It gives your company the boost to work and also a great standing in the market. The fact that you only need to create a questionnaire and not spend hours on brainstorming for content makes it all the more alluring.
The entry-level videos and audio equipment’s are a one-time investment. The best part is that you can convert the video into a video, audio feeds or even a written transcript.

6. Guest-Contributors:
There are a lot of people in the market who want to be featured. People who has ideas that they want to share and ideas that can really improve the quality of your content. Guest writers write simply for the exposure. Your company can benefit with the high quality content that they provide. You do not need to pay for anything either.

Content Marketing is an important part of a business. You cannot do away with it, but you can surely do it in a money friendly way. Explore the world of content and lower your expenses.

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