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Entrepreneurs need to relax. It might seem a little self-indulgent given the business scenario that mocks at whoever sits down to rest. The fear of lagging behind, the endless tasks at hand and of course the passion that fuels a dream keeps entrepreneurs busy at an alarming rate. Alarming because, it not only affects one’s health but also works to distract a person from focusing on the task at hand.
As the saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Well, it holds true for entrepreneurs also. Success does not only belong to the hard worker. There are those entrepreneurs who take it slow and take it easy and still seem to perfect their game.

How do they do it?
Well, the secret is an entrepreneur who relaxes and does things that they love have more focus. Those entrepreneurs on the other hand who work non-stop reach a point in time, maybe almost when they had made it, where things seem to blur for them and their focus seem to shift.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who seem to really work hard, but still manage to get only a little done, then this is for you.

1. Adequate Sleep:
It is no secret that sleep has a direct link to one’s ability to focus and perform. The National Sleep Foundation states that a quality sleep helps people to think clearly, make more informed decisions and have a great memory. The side effect of a lack of sleep results in an inability to focus, have low productivity and increased forgetfulness.
It might seem a great idea to burn that midnight oil but rest assured, things can wait. No matter how busy you are, get your sleep.

2. The Power of ABC Method:
The Harvard Business review had stated that the brain is constantly distracted by internal and external environments. Needless to say entrepreneurs feel this a lot more with so much of work at hand. The ABC method can be used to stay focused in times when the mind seems to get really distracted.
What is the ABC method?
The Harvard Business Review states that ABC stands for Aware, Breathe and Choose. Entrepreneurs who feel like they are going to have a burn out must start to use this approach to solve their problems.
He/she should take care to be consciously aware of the options he/she might have. This should be followed by a deep breath and a conscious choice between distractions and focus.

3. Meditate:
Meditating is one way to stay focused. Meditation seem to have the cure for all mental disturbance. From stress to anxiety meditation has the ability to help a person to handle situations with a calm that is otherwise not easy applicable. The research on people who had gone for a three months meditation found that they had come out with an increased ability to focus and had an improvement in all their cognitive functions.

4. Do Not Multitask:
Multitasking is something that entrepreneurs resort to without a thought to the work at hand. It might seem to be a necessity to entrepreneurs but the fact is that multi-tasking has a high chance of removing the focus from work and also affect the quality of work. The American Psychological Association has clearly stated that switching tasks can really take away the power of focus as a person who is multitasking do not allow himself/herself the time that is needed to focus on one thing single-mindedly.

5. Cardio:
The importance of Cardio to stay focused has been all over. Cardio helps one to sleep better, lower stress levels and also helps to increase one’s focus and performance. Aerobic exercise has the capacity to increase the size of the hippocampus in the brain. This results in better thinking and memory.

6. Take a Break:
When you are immersed in a lot of work it might seem almost crazy to take a break. Not to mention the anxiety level that would plummet at the mention of a break while your work station is beaming with ‘to do’ lists. But taking breaks helps people to improve their focus. Short breaks taken while working helps a person to stay motivated and helps in reaching targets.

7. Classical Music:
The researchers at Stanford University found out that classical music has the ability to activate that part of brain that has to do with focusing and paying attention. The transitional points in classical music that has a lot of silence in between helps people to stay aware and attentive.

8. Drink Coffee:
A moderate intake of coffee can help a person to stay alert and focused. However it is important that one does not overdo it as its effects lead to anxiety, dehydration and headaches.

9. Turn up the Heat:
Turning up the heat has people focusing more on work. It has been found out that a warmer environment to work in helps a person to focus better and be more productive at work. If you are struggling to stay focused it might help to maybe simply turn up the heat.

10. Laugh:
Laughter has been said to be the best medicine for a reason. Laughter has the capacity to give your system the much required break. It can help break the monotony of work and help you focus on the work with a fresh mind. Make sure that your work do not get monotonous. Laugh, have fun. Your mind would love taking this break.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. But it need not be the most difficult job either. Entrepreneurs who find it difficult to keep the show going on must focus more on how to balance the seriousness of work with things that make it feel good. Arriving at work should make you feel passionate. Not demotivated. Staying focused would help you handle your work like a piece of cake. The power of a strong focus is invaluable to your company success.

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