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The world we know and love is staggering by a high amount of pollution and global warming effects. NASA has recently discovered that earth is experiencing the highest levels of carbon di oxide emission in 4 million years. This piece of information must actually make all sensible people leap to action but it seems this is not news enough. The newspapers and media are abound with news of our Earth’s suffering only to be met with people flipping the page and discarding it as just another news. The point is we have reached a state when we can delay fixing the problem no longer.

Who can make a change the question arises. Well, everyone who is willing to start with. But more so, the entrepreneurs through their businesses.

It is old news that promoting sustainability is not only a humanitarian move but it also helps a company to make profits. The research by asset manager company Blackrock revealed in 2015 that the companies that fought strongly against cutting carbon intensity beat the global stock market by a 6 percent.
The business world gives a lot to entrepreneurs to choose from. But the most important thing it gives is the possibility to make a difference while still making profits. Thanks to technological advancements there has been a great innovation in the sustainability industry that entrepreneurs can explore to save the planet.
Here is a look at the most powerful sectors that entrepreneurs can explore to make their business a means to make the planet happy.

1. Autonomous Driving:
Autonomous Driving has been the talk of the business world. There has been a great discussion on exploring and investing in this possibility. Apart from all the good that autonomous driving can bring in to a company it also makes the world a little safe.
According to the Scientific American autonomous vehicles can help to slow pollution that would lead it to slow the climate change. The Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said in 2016 that “We are on the cusp of a new era in automotive technology with enormous potential to save lives, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transform mobility for the American people,”
Entrepreneurs must look at investing in autonomous driving and try to make their business a means to protect the environment.

2. Health:
The relation between good health and a clean environment has been talked about for ages. The better we take care of ourselves the better the world is. Kaiser Permanente is a healthcare organisation that aims at instilling environmental stewardship. The Vice President of Kaiser Permanente said that “We understand the clear connection between a healthy environment and the health of individuals. Preventing environmental causes of illness is the main objective of our sustainability program. We also recognize that the health care industry’s impact on pollution and waste is substantial, and we want to be proactive in combatting it.”
It is natural to see that the healthcare industry is doing its part by using renewable energy, buying efficient products and taking in to home grown products.

How does this help?
• Using renewable energy helps to lower global warming emissions
• The use of efficient equipment helps to lower the hazardous waste disposal
• Consuming home grown foods helps to lower pesticide consumption. It also helps to keep workers away from the
effects of pesticides in the fields

How can Entrepreneurs help?
Entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry can resort to these practices. Starting from manufacturers to suppliers of the health care industry, everyone can resort to these practices and make a change that makes the earth happy. There is a huge change that connects everything in the business world and a change in say the suppliers will naturally bring about a change in the manufacturers and the cycle goes on.

3. Agriculture:
The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation says that investing in agriculture can reduce the effects of climate change. The deputy director of FAO has said inn 2016 that “Agriculture can play a crucial role in making the response to climate change responsible and more effective.”
Entrepreneurs who are thinking how their business can invest in business can learn from the examples set by Bill and Melinda Gates. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest advocates of agricultural research and development. They are also the number one funder of the genetic engineering research.

The Way Ahead
Entrepreneurs can start looking at the new ways that they can invest in. There are a lot of leaders that one can look up to who can show entrepreneurs how to invest in the planet and make a profit. One small change can help an entrepreneur help the earth recover. Something as small as printing less to recycling seems like a great start while you sit in office and think how you can go about contributing to the environment.
Entrepreneurs who can make a difference must try to do something. They can easily lead the way for the future generations to follow. Protecting the environment is no longer the other’s responsibility. It is a responsibility that everyone should take up. Entrepreneurs who are looked up to can set an example by starting a trend that works to help the world. The fact that someone as busy as Bill Gates can do it is proof that so can you find time to work for it. The business world is full of opportunities that can help you become a businessman who has a heart to save the planet. All you need to do is look out for it.

This trend is going to rise. The millennials are very aware of the issues that the world faces and they are increasingly looking up to businesses that work respecting the environment. The future would belong to businesses who cares about the environment. For those who do not would naturally find themselves go out of popularity. The future of business is changing. You must implement this change to thrive in the future of business.

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