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The SME World Summit is Here! Are you Coming?

Knowledge is power and when exchanged becomes an omniscient force that penetrates through everything. The business world is all about having and applying the right knowledge at the right place. It is only the intelligent that survive in the business world.

Being intelligent is easier said than done in the business world. The new innovations, strategies and laws that keep evolving every minute make it impossible for entrepreneurs to keep a track of everything. Would not it have been better if entrepreneurs had all the details of business news, innovation and changing laws served up all at one place?

The Intelligent SME is all about taking this vision forward. Enhanced with cutting edge business focused magazines and business events that entrepreneurs love to attend, we at Intelligent SME are all about providing the correct platform for entrepreneurs to assess and explore their potential. We believe in keeping promises that we make to our entrepreneurs and our SME World Summit stands testimony to our belief.

This year is no different as we bring to you the SME World Summit 2018. Our agenda for this summit is ‘Let’s learn the battle tested strategies of building a great business’

Why Battle Tested Strategies?
The people who have gone before us no matter how different has always something to teach us. This is because an entrepreneur no matter at which stage he/she is in business shares the same experience.

The SME World Summit is studded with entrepreneurs who has been there and done that. Their story do not provide an insight to the new age entrepreneurs only but also work as a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs who are at par with them. There is never an age or time to learning. But there is always a benefit to learning.

Come listen to the stories of the entrepreneurs who had made it big. Come and learn what needs to be applied to your business story. Maybe the answer you are seeking for is right here in this summit.

What do we have in it for you?

The SME World Summit is all about power speakers, knowledge experts and ambitious entrepreneurs. In this summit we plan to cover discussions that can give your business a great competitive edge. Our topic of discussion are listed below.
• Overcoming obstacles to growth-the tech way
• Panel discussion on Governments Role in Supporting SME’s. Are SME’s aware and truly benefiting?
• How to drive business growth & scale up fast?
• Role of entrepreneurship in smart cities
• Creating a culture of ownership and accountability in businesses
• Interactive panel discussion on Building a great & sustainable business.
• Panel discussion on holistic wellbeing- Why it’s a must for successful entrepreneurs.

It is only when consumers know a business that entrepreneurs can run a business. We understand the importance of an entrepreneurs’ need to showcase what they have to say. The SME World Summit provides entrepreneurs a platform to tell their story with the Elevator Pitch that follows the power packed discussions.
This is followed with Interactive Group Discussions & Structured Networking for key business verticals – Consulting, IT & Software, Financial Services.

Build your Contacts:
The SME World Summit is throbbing with Business Owners, C-level Executives, Accredited Investors, Service providers, Media and Government dignitaries. Everyone will gather together to engage with each other and learn from today’s visionary leaders in business & technology.

An entrepreneur who attends this summit goes back not only with information but also with long lasting business relations. Sometimes this is all you need. The right person, the right partner or the right leader who can take your business from where it is to what can it be. The SME World Summit is where powerful alliances will be formed that give birth to the next dynamic offspring of growth and change. This is where access to resources and capital is unlocked and made available.
Ideas that can change the world are advanced into action and scalable solutions to global needs are propelled forward.

We as an organisation believe in business relationships. We do not have sponsors but business partners who have been with us for a long time.
Without our partners, we would not have been able to publish great magazines and host prestigious B2B events like the SME World Summit. Needless to say we owe a big Thank you to our partners.
We are also open to like-minded business organisations who would like to partner with us.

Benefits to Partners
1. Gain access to 2000 sought after Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives from different industry verticals who will
attend this amazing conference
2. Brand alignment with SPI Great Sands group and its unrivalled credibility
3. Demonstrate thought leadership around the current critical issues affecting the industry;
4. Benefit from sustained visibility through our cutting-edge business magazines, advertising and marketing
campaigns utilizing outdoor media, ATL and Digital formats.

We at Intelligent SME welcome you to our event this April at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. Give yourself and your business the chance to learn from those who made it big in the business world. Give your business the audience that it needs to help it reach success. You might be one of those entrepreneurs who have been around in the business world for decades. You are welcome too because you get to have a look at how the business world is evolving and how you need to shape your business for the future.
The SME World Summit will surely leave all your questions answered, all your inspiration delivered and give you all the exposure you need.

Registration Details

Access to all sessions
One complimentary coffee break
Free valet parking
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$25 /person
Access to all sessions
Two coffeebreaks to stay charged
Free Valet Parking
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Front row seating at all sessions
2 coffee breaks
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