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Emerging Saas Businesses to Watch Out For

Saas has been an increasingly popular word in the business world for some time now.

What does Saas mean?

Well to put it in lay man’s words, it is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘Software as a Service’. It mainly describes the delivery of a product to a consumer through a software platform. It works across both businesses and individual platforms. The user of course pays a sum of money to the software platform on a regular basis.
Saas has gradually grown in popularity with the great corporations like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud taking an initiative in investing it. Here is a look at the upcoming Saas businesses that entrepreneurs must look out for.

1. InfoScout:
Infoscout has been founded by Jared Schreiber in 2011 and is based in San Francisco.
Infoscout works to transform consumer data into a business solution. It has two mobile apps named Shoparoo and Receipt Hog. It helps to incentivize consumers to upload the scanned receipts from the shopping trips that they make. They use these receipts to give back to their customers by raising funds for a school of their choice or by giving those consumers cash.
Infoscout can boast of having 3,000,000 users who upload the same number of sales receipts every day. These receipts along with the data that is collected through the company’s apps give InfoScout a great insight into the consumer behaviour.

2. Front:
Front has been founded by Mathilde Collin in 2013. It is based in San Francisco.
Front is a platform that offers the opportunity to have a business communication through email or messaging platforms by providing them with a shared platform. It gives the user the opportunity to create an inbox that can be shared by all the members of a team. The responsibility of replying to an email can be assigned to the appropriate team member in the team. Users of Front enjoy the benefit of making internal communications less complicated. It completely removes the need for people in business of forwarding important emails to colleagues.
This Saas works with SMS, Facebook and Twitter messages so an entrepreneur can keep all the communications that has been received at one place irrespective of what platform the messages are coming in from.

3. Classy:
Classy has been founded by Scott Chisolm in San Francisco in the year 2011.
It is a fundraising platform that allows non-profit’s that has humble beginnings. Classy was conceptualised when in 2006, its founder Scott Chisolm along with his few other friends decided to hold a charity to raise money for cause of cancer. He moved on to organise many more charity events and it was then that he realised that the “modern day philanthropists” do not have enough opportunity to contribute to the causes that they might believe in. This gave rise to the platform called Classy.
In the following years it has helped a number of 4,000 non-profits to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through its official platform.

4. Hypr:
Hypr has been founded by Gil Eyal in New York in the year 2013.
Gil Eyal has been an influencer in the world of influencer marketing. He worked as the COO with the photo-sharing app Mobli and Eyal and had also worked closely with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Serena Williams. He worked as an Influencer when the concept was still referred to something like “celebrity endorsements.” During his involvement with this work Hypr was conceptualised.

It is now a platform that provides clients with an analysis and important details of influencers’ audience behaviour. This in turn helps brands to partner with influencers who are best for their marketing goals. This platform also comes with the opportunity to help brands to automate influencer marketing campaigns and then move on to compare the results.

5. Hireology:
Hireology has been founded by Adam Robinson in Chicago, Ill in the year 2010.

This can be said to be a Saas service that is based on human resources. It brings both big and small businesses together and helps to manage their teams everything from hiring to retiring. This Saas platform comes with a lot of tools that can help clients to find the best candidates for a company and it also helps a company retain talent.

6. LaunchDarkly
This Saas Company has been founded by Edith Harbaugh in Oakland, Calif. in the year 2014.
The founder, Edith Harbaugh has been into software development for almost 15 years. She has had the opportunity to be exposed to something that can be said to be bad releases that resulted from companies who tried to go live with features that did not have the capacity to be on prime time.
This resulted in the creation of LaunchDarkly that gives all online businesses an opportunity to first audition new features. Following this it also allows businesses to select subsets of users and then move on to limit their risk when they decide to roll out a new code. This was initially built by keeping developers in mind. It has gradually moved on to become a tool that is used across organizations for auditions and testing new features.

7. BirdEye
Bird Eye has been founded by Naveen Gupta in 2012 in Palo Alto.
This company works as an online reputation-management SaaS. This company encourages consumers of its clients to review the clients’ products and services.
Well, this helps brands to create a social proof on the quality of products from client side. In case of a negative review BirdEye follows up by sending real-time notifications. This helps clients to take immediate action on a problem and turn a possible bad customer experience into a positive business exchange.

The Saas Business is growing and it has made it possible for software start-ups to create a business strategy with the expertise that they have in software. This is a great place to look at as it offers entrepreneurs with a lot of potential for growth. Come explore the Saas world in business.

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