Corporate Communication: Talking away to success

Words have power and words when used the right way can transform lives. Entrepreneurs of today interact with their employees and the business world at large on a regular basis. An interaction is important when it comes to running a business. Moreover, entrepreneurs who represent their company in large business events need to do more than just interact. They need to create the correct relation. They need to do all in their power to build contacts, grow their business prospects and make an impact that people talk of long after the event is done and dusted with.

How do entrepreneurs do that?
By the power of words. A discussion, a speech, or a conversation.
An entrepreneur might have the best message to give. Having an important message is not enough. The audience must be interested enough to hear you out.
As an entrepreneur who is in a position to empower, to make a change and to transform the business world with their ideas it is important that they make themselves heard. Some entrepreneurs are blessed with natural communication skills but some entrepreneurs with great things to say remain unheard because they do not know the science behind delivering a powerful communication.
Here is a look at the six basics following which you can transform your words into a powerhouse of transformational action.

1. The Power of Eye Contact:
It is important that you maintain eye contact. Making eye contact increases participation from the audience. Secondly, it builds trust. An expert in eye communication Dr. Roel Vertegaal also claims that the amount of eye contact that a person makes during a group discussion is proportionate to how much the person participated.
There has also been a study conducted by the University of Wolverhampton and the University of Stirling in 2005 where it said that the audience retains more of the discussion if a speaker looks at the camera 30% of the time.
This proves that making eye contact is very important for a person in power to make his message heard.

2. Elements of Voice:
There are five elements that make up a person’s voice. Melody, pace, Volume, Tone and Pitch. It is important for entrepreneurs to understand the nature of message that he/she is conveying and how to use the elements that support the nature of the message. Maybe you are giving a light message in a funny way. Let out a laugh! Make your tone friendly and funny. Maybe you are talking pure business. Make sure that your voice has the elements that make you sound like you have the knowledge and authority. No one likes a dull conversation, nor do people like a serious message that has a light fun tone.

3. Match your Body Language with the Message:
People in business often forget the importance of having the correct body language. The Ohio State University states that the human brain perceives a large size with power. Interestingly, it has also been researched that tall people make more money. This is referred as the height premium. But there are many entrepreneurs who do not have the benefit of enjoying a height premium. Those Entrepreneurs must power dress. But this is not enough. To make a connect and put your message across correctly, it is important that you smile. People naturally look up to a person and hear them more who smile at them.

4. Talk with your Hands:
Everyone knows about TED talks. TED talks has gone through a research where the study analysed TED Talks ranging from techniques to responses. It was found that the most viral speakers used an average of 465 hand gestures. This was twice than what the least popular speakers used.
Hand Gestures are important to make that connect and get audience attention. Entrepreneurs must not only stick to body language, tone or content but also explore the world of communicating with hand gestures.

5. Mirror Your Audience:
Mirroring is important. The recent studies on mirroring has proved that it raises the effectiveness of a sales pitch. Entrepreneurs must learn to mirror their audience. Speak at the same pace and voice that they use. Use the same language that they use. This not only helps in putting across your message well but also helps to build a great rapport.

6. Speak Passionately:
No one likes to hear a story that the speaker is not passionate about. It is important that entrepreneurs who want to be heard tell their story with passion. It is important that you mix in your passion into what you are saying. People in the audience would only be interested to hear your story if you tell your story with the passion that you have for it. Speak from your heart. Personalise the story.
We are in an age where people have a very less attention span. It is important that entrepreneurs send across their message in way that the audience feels the message not only listen to it. One needs to be heard, seen and also remembered.

It is important that entrepreneurs learn to make themselves heard. An organisation runs well only if the entrepreneur running it knows to make that necessary connection with the people who work for the company. An entrepreneur can easily get more business if he can tell his business story and share his vision in a way that makes people look up and take notice. An entrepreneur’s legacy would thrive only if he/ she has created that connection with his/her consumers and work force by communicating effectively and in a way that builds trust.
There is more to a conversation than just the noise. There is meaning, there is hope and there is this power to be better. It all starts simple. Sometimes with a simple hello or sometimes with just a wave of the hand and smile. But what happens after that makes or breaks a business man. Give your words the power it has. Let that power decide the future of your business.

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