You Can Explore Blockchain Technology without Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the new favourite of the business world. Even AI has had to pave way for these new technologies. It has definitely created a ripple in the business world that has quite shaken the financial concepts that define it. Bitcoin had been the most talked about currency although there have been others that have been launched recently.

Bitcoin as we are all aware now was created by a Japanese person who used the alias name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin and the others are alternative currencies that exist outside the financial systems without banks or governments involvements. The value of this currency is generated mostly by scarcity and possibilities. The cryptocurrencies are also compared to gold as a hedge against fiat currencies. This currency is also expected to have an implied value as a hedge against currency fluctuations. This has also resulted in a number of exchanges that have sprung that allow the traders to buy Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain Technology is associated with cryptocurrency which can also be called the internet of money. Blockchain essentially is a large electronic platform that allows one to build many applications. Yes, Cryptocurrencies are just one of the application that is built on the Blockchain Technology.

However although people in the business world are accepting the Blockchain Technology as something promising, there is a lot of discussion that is going on regarding the Blockchain Technology. After the initial success of Bitcoin, it has lost a 50% of its value. There has also been this discussion about government regulation of Bitcoin, less-expensive currencies. These and many such discussions worked to buyers losing a lot on Bitcoin. But it has to be noted that the early buyers of Bitcoin made a lot of money. As is apparent by this experience, one can get wealthy by investing in Bitcoin but it is not a stable way of making money because of the high risks that are involved.
Given that the Blockchain Technology is an opportunity that might bring in a lot of profits, many entrepreneurs are eager to go the Blockchain way. Moreover, the Blockchain Technology can be said to be the future of finances in the business world. This is reason enough to get oneself familiar or involved with the Blockchain Technology. But, is there a way to bet on the Blockchain Technology without Cryptocurrency?

Yes, there is!
The e-commerce company called the is one of the most loved alternative to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This e-commerce platform has been in the industry for a long time and have been competing as an online retailer.
This company went public in the year of 2002. It can boast of having generated 40 million visitors in a month. The company has gone through the ups and downs of the business but it can also claim of an overall quarterly profit that has been positive. The revenue of this company reached an amount of $1.8 million in the year gone-by.
Why matters to Entrepreneurs interested in Blockchain Technology without the Cryptocurrency?
The company has been investing in a lot of early crypto adopters in an attempt to transform itself into the Blockchain currency leader. This has resulted in the company stock to drive up to a high of $89. 80 from an amount of $h13.75 before the correction. Looking at its success is thinking of selling its traditional retail business and moving into Blockchain.
Companies like Overstock prove to be the real deal because they are a mix of real revenue generation and proven management experience that is topped with a strong understanding of the involved technology. The stock of this company is gaining momentum that it had before the retreat. However, before moving forward it is important for entrepreneurs to understand that this company is not for conservative investors. This is for those experiential ones who are eager to participate in a complicated area that is equally dynamic.

Ark Innovation Web
Ark Innovation Web is another way that entrepreneurs can get some exposure to Bitcoin. Ark Innovation ETF and Ark Web x.o ETF are new kinds of funds that have 10% of Bitcoin Exposure. These funds are considered to be the safest for entrepreneurs who want to get some exposure into cryptocurrency without risking a lot.

Microsoft is another big name that is dipping its fingers into the world of Blockchain Technology. It is currently testing Blockchain technology with the IOTA foundation which is a German non-profit organisation that oversees its virtual currency IOTA. IOTA differs from other cryptocurrencies in the fact that it allows users to buy, sell and share data without the need of any transaction fees.
Some of the other names that entrepreneurs can try out to get involved in Blockchain are
Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. This real estate company has interestingly entered into a
strategic partnership
with IBM in 2016 to develop a Blockchain Powered Real Estate Technology platform.
The NextGen Economy ETF is a fund that aims at long-term growth by investing in Blockchain
related companies. It
has been created through a partnership between Reality Shares and Nasdaq.
The Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF is another fund that is actively managed to invest
in companies that are in the Blockchain space. This fund operates on a global level.

The business world is surely going the Blockchain way and it is important that entrepreneurs give Blockchain a little more importance than mere curiosity. It is natural that many entrepreneurs fear to experiment with the Blockchain Technology because of the ups and downs that it has been facing after its initial success. But it is not wise to keep one’s business away from Blockchain Technology either because it is the future of business finance. But the good news is there IS a way out to create a relationship with Blockchain that involves a lower risk for entrepreneurs. Explore these possibilities and give your business a chance to understand the workings of Blockchain technology.

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