10 Marketing Influencers Entrepreneurs Must Follow

It is human nature to learn by emulating. No matter how strong the claims of originality the human species learn by observing and by emulating. Entrepreneurs tend to gain a lot by following people in business who know better and has something to teach. Knowledge is power and when it comes to business it is indispensable. The business world is thankfully brimming with people who have raw business experience and an inspiring business story to tell. From entrepreneurs who made it; to those who are a success in innovation; to marketing investors; there is a whole lot of human knowledge in the business world. These people are someone who dare to think out of the box and prove themselves right. Marketing influencers like Aj Agarwal for example, interestingly teaches large brands to think like SMEs. Jon Youshaei is one successful entrepreneur whose graduation speech is ranked alongside Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandberg. People like them and many more are not only very good at what they do but are also eager to share their knowledge with those who are willing to listen and evolve.

Who are these people and what can you gain by following them? Here’s a look.

1.AJ Agarwal:
Aj Agarwal is a Fortune 500 marketing consultant who specializes in making large brands think like start-ups. He works mainly to help brands like IBM and the like with their marketing strategies. Like all great minds, he shares his business knowledge through his personal blog. Entrepreneurs who are looking at adding new growth-hacking strategies to one’s company can follow his blog.

2. Jon Youshaei:
Jon Youshaei works as a YouTube marketing manager. He has worked closely with Eric Schmidt, Adam Grant and Neil Strauss to market their bestselling books. He is the founder of Every Vowel. He also delivers on stage. His speech has been ranked as the best ever, alongside Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandberg.

3. Ann Lewnes:
Ann Lewnes is the chief marketing officer of Adobe. She has thirty years of marketing experience and has also served as vice president for marketing for Intel. Lewnes has a lot of digital marketing software solutions and can identify future marketing trends.
Lewnes can be followed on Twitter where she shares marketing content with her followers. Entrepreneurs who are looking for bite-sized information related to marketing trends can follow her accounts.

4. Brian Evans:
Brian Evans is the founder of a fast-growing advertising and marketing agency named BDE Ventures. He also has a new age digital publication named the Influencive.com that is aimed at an audience of millennials and unconventional thinkers. He is also actively involved in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency movement that is creating ripples of innovation in the business world.
Entrepreneurs who want to know everything about the Blockchain Technology can read his columns on Blockchain.

5. Joel Comm:
Joel Comm is a bestselling author, a keynote speaker and also an advisor to big brands. He has worked with Yahoo as an online games developer initially in his career and later moved on to create his own brand.
Armed with a good amount of business knowledge he can be followed on his Twitter and social media accounts where he shares great business stories and insights.

6. Kim Garst:
Kim Garst is a small business owner and an entrepreneur. She has a following of 500,000 plus on social media. Kim Garst shares actionable advice through easy to read blog posts and e-books. She focuses mainly on sharing knowledge that can help marketers to use social media platforms more effectively.

7. Beth Comstock:
Beth Comstock is the CEO of GE. Entrepreneurs can look at the perspectives that she has shared on TV’s ‘MacGyver’ as a great model for business innovation. Her personal stories that she shares on Leaning In is also worth following. She talks mostly of business innovation, creativity and leadership challenges.

8. Nicolas Bordas:
Nicolas Bordas is the VP of TBWA/Europe. He writes everything from ‘Gagnam Style’ to ‘Analog technology’. His posts are full of insights on insider views on branding and digital innovation.

9. David Edelman:
David Edelman is the partner at McKinsey and Company. He specialises in Digital Marketing. His thoughts are all about why marketing needs to focus on the language of the C-Suite. He also focuses on Africa’s consumer market that he believes is getting ready to explode. Entrepreneurs who are interested to receive great insights on social media, analytics and consumer research can follow his social media accounts.

10. Charlene Li:
Charlene Li is the founder and the partner at Altimeter Group. She focuses on discussions that talk about the importance of evaluating one’s career every year and half. She also focuses on the importance of getting a company’s employees on social media. Entrepreneurs who are interested in social business strategies can follow her social media accounts.

What do you earn by following marketing influencers?

Well, a great insight into businesses and how things work in the business world. Second, latest updates on business that might be of interest to you. Third, details of what to watch out for in the business world. Keeping oneself up-to-date brings an entrepreneur a step closer to business success. Busy entrepreneurs do not necessarily have the time to research on these details. Following the experts on the field can give them the much needed pieces of information that can surely keep them updated on various information without having to browse through a lot of unnecessary information.

The business world is always changing. What is news today will be mainstream tomorrow and what is mainstream today might be out-of-use tomorrow. This applies to technologies, ideas, and marketing, everything that makes the business world. Following a knowledge expert can help an entrepreneur to stay ahead of the chaos of change and chaff the information that he/she might need for his business. It does not take much to follow someone. A few clicks here and the latest updates are there in your inbox. Keep yourself armed with knowledge and make success a choice.

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