The Importance of a First Impression for Entrepreneurs

‘The first impression is the last impression’, so said the wisdom of past generations. They said it not without reason because it stands true even to this date. Most importantly it still stands like a proverb written in stone in the business world. Competitive as well as judgemental and ruled by an increasing desire to make profits, first impressions are the real deal maker in the business world.
To give a latest example of how first impressions make or break a business, well in 2017 Stephen Curry who is the Guard for the Golden State Warriors refused to do business with Nike because earlier on a Nike representative had got Curry’s name wrong. This was bad enough but things got worse when it was found out that the Nike representative left Curry’s teammate Kevin Durant’s name in the published write-up. This is the only reason why this player decided to team up with Under Armour. Future alliances or possible alliances’ break offs all are decided by the first impression that a person makes. Unfair though it might seem because the first impression only gives one an impression of a possibility but not the whole truth but this is how psychology of business works.
There have been many instances in the history of business where impressive people without much substance succeeded in earning lucrative deals out of a meeting just because of his/her presence power. There has been other cases where many worthy businessmen are overlooked simply because they do not impress the clients enough. Fair or unfair the fact remains that the first impression is an integral part of a business exchange and entrepreneurs should work on giving out the best first impression possible.

1. Keep Bringing New Clients to a Company:
When a client assesses a company what it first sees is its present. Is the company engaged enough? Are there new clients and projects that keep the people busy? A busy company with new projects and clients is sure to interest some other like-minded businesses. It is possible that a company that do not bring in new clients might be engaged in long term projects and are busy enough for its capacity. But it is natural for other businesses to assume that maybe, the business is on a decline. Moreover, bringing in new clients and new businesses is not only good for the company financially and an impression wise, it also keeps a company alive and in sync with the present. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make a great first impression in the business world, you must work towards keeping your company busy with new projects and new clients. For those companies who do not work that way, can keep the clients interested by keeping them informed about it’s involvement in the present.

2. Stay Unique:
Every company has an individuality. It stands for something, it works in a manner that is unique to itself and it has its own characteristics that define it. It is important that as an entrepreneur you do not go all the way to please a client and sacrifice the individuality of a company. This will only make a client feel that he/she is dealing with a company that does not have its own individuality. Needless to say this behavior is far from making the first impression.
Clients like to bond with companies who can show them the way, give them a solution, something better than what they already know. If a company says yes to all a client’s needs and tries to accommodate all its demands while bending its own structure and mechanism, it is possible that a client will lose confidence and go out in search for other more reliable company.

3. Let your Company smell of Confidence:
It is natural for an entrepreneur to have a lot of fears. Fears about the most important client leaving your company for another. Fear that a new client might already know of the little struggles that your company goes through. No matter what the scene, it is important that you as the representative of the company stay confident and hopeful. It is only natural when running a business to have a few problems. No one even the most successful corporation has ever succeeded without a scratch. Do not judge yourself too harsh. Realize that it is you who have come so far and you can do better.

Along with this attitude it is also very important that your company is up-to-date with the changing times. Be it technology, the business news or the latest update in the business world. A confident entrepreneur who is well versed with the ways of the latest updates on business and whose company is in sync with the times is sure to make clients look up and take notice.
Some more points to keep in mind:

•You never know what people would make of an interaction. But if you know the game and play it by the rules, it will surely help you make the correct first impression. Make your business speak for you. Keep your company website and office premises or anything that goes to the audience brim with professionalism, serious business and success.

•As an entrepreneur, educate your employees and staff about the importance of making the first impression really good. Clients also judge a company’s aura by interacting with the people who make it. Never forget to keep every member of your company presentable and impressive.

•Clients do not necessarily reach directly through to you to talk business. Every entrepreneur has some secretary or staff that a client needs to go through before reaching you. Make sure you keep a trained person to represent your company.

The business world is a judgemental place run by ethics that base itself on profits. Entrepreneurs who want to make it big must play by the rules and evolve with it with each success. This will surely help to bring in and retain important business clients.

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