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Email in business is a boon and also a headache at times. Boon because it makes conversation easy and reaching out a piece of cake. But the same features make business life unmanageable. But no matter how unmanageable, emails are still the favourite for people in business. Entrepreneurs everywhere use emails for delegating tasks, giving updates and staying on top of incoming emergencies. Entrepreneurs cannot wish away emails from their list no matter how hard managing emails might become. Emails has revolutionised the way business works and has increased productivity. This is why it is important that entrepreneurs learn to use emails in a way that works best for them.

How can one do that?

Well, by including the email tools that make one increase productivity, typing or reading speed, or organizational speed. Here is a list of ten email tools that can help an entrepreneur make peace with emails.

1. Gmail Metrics:
Gmail Metrics is an analytics tool that can help an entrepreneur to visualise how a person and his/her employees would use Gmail. This tool assesses the following for you:
• How long it takes to respond to an email?
• How many emails one sends and receives in a day and at what time?
• Who are the people a businessman contacts and what are the word count involved?
These are some of the basics that help a businessman understand his/her personal and the company’s email habits. When one has this data it is possible for a business man to work out a way to make up for the time that is used on emails.

2. Boomerang:
Boomerang is an email follow-up tool. This tool is equipped with bells and whistles that ensure that one does not forget to respond to an important email. One can simply tick a box on an email to set a boomerang on it for when an entrepreneur thinks that he/she might be able to reply to that email. This app will remind you at the time that you mentioned to reply to that email. This makes it easy to manage emails the way one wants and also not worry about forgetting about later.

3. FollowUp Then:
Following up is one thing in business that can make or break a business. Entrepreneurs who have to browse through a lot of emails sometimes do not get the time to reply to each email at the same time. They might plan to reply later but end up forgetting about the email. FollowUpThen is a tool that can help an entrepreneur to schedule follow-ups to important conversations. One can easily add a period of time that is convenient for the user and then relax knowing that the email will not go without being followed up. This takes the pressure away of having to micromanage all emails and conversations while handling all the tasks as an entrepreneur.

4. SaneBox:
SaneBox is designed to keep entrepreneurs less hassled about sorting emails. This tool has a series of filters that learn a user’s habits and automatically sort the incoming emails into categories that are based on importance, etc. Sorting through emails is one time consuming process. It is a wish come true if entrepreneurs can have emails sorted out rather than having to browse through many messages. Most of them irrelevant. SaneBox makes this possible for entrepreneurs.

5. Inbox Pause:
It is really distracting to have a lot of emails pouring in when you are trying to concentrate on some important work. This is a problem that many entrepreneurs face and feel that is affecting their productivity. Inbox pause is a tool that can help you out of it. This tool literally pauses emails from pouring in. Entrepreneurs can use this tool to check emails when they want and keep away from distractions eating away at their time in productive hours.

6. Text Expander:
Text Expander is an email tool that can help the user to increase one’s email writing speed. It is time consuming to write through every email an entrepreneur receives. Many entrepreneurs do not get time to reply to an email because of the writing that is involved. It is great if one can have a tool that can make writing emails easier and less time-consuming. The Text Expander tool helps the user to create a shorthand version of some of the most commonly used words and phrases that one uses on a daily basis. This is a tool that can make responding to an email feel less tiring and time consuming.

7. TheEmailGame:
If you are entrepreneur who have a little time at hand and love to include a little fun to your work then TheEmailGame is one tool that you can use to manage your emails. This is a free interactive app that turns managing emails into a game. It also gives out positive feedbacks that can help one understand how well one is managing emails. This is an app that can really give insight to entrepreneurs about their email habits and help to find out areas of improvement while playing a game.

It is important that entrepreneurs take their emails seriously. The way one responds to an email or does not at all can make or break a business. It is important that entrepreneurs do not overlook the importance of answering to emails and following up on important discussions. There are many different ways to have a business communication. People in business have used all the different forms of communication but still hesitate to abandon emails. It is best for entrepreneurs to learn to work with emails. This is a form of communication that will not cease to exist. It is possible to have a great relation with emails. Every entrepreneur has a way of working. He/she need to simply find out what best works for them and use tools that would enhance their relation with emails. Explore the email tools apart from the ones mentioned above and make your business life easy to manage.

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