Three Must Explore Google Chrome Extensions

The e-commerce entrepreneurs need to understand the workings of the digital eco-system that make up their business home. A basic understanding of all the digital necessities that is required to flourish is a must. Unexplored by many chrome extensions are a relatively popular tool that is used by entrepreneurs in business to boost a company’s business.

Very often the basics of Chrome extension usage is overlooked in business discussions because it is assumed that entrepreneurs would anyway have a good idea about it. However, it is wrong to assume that every small business owner who is just starting to dip their fingers in the big digital world and e-commerce know it all. So, for all the small business owners who are still struggling to understand the why’s and how’s of utilising tools in a business let’s take a sneak peek into the most commonplace but very efficient chrome extensions.

What does the Chrome tool basically do?

The Chrome extension enables the software tools to be layered over the desired webpages.

How does this help?

To simply put users can have more advanced experiences on websites with Chrome Extensions.

Here are the three Chrome extension tools that entrepreneurs can implement to make management of their business easy.


Starting an e-commerce venture naturally calls for optimizing, refining and managing the business website along with the main business. Moreover, entrepreneurs also need to create a strong social presence to attract customers and stay if not on the top at least at par with the competition. This is itself is a very time and money consuming task. But a business cannot do away with it either because a lack of social presence of a company would definitely lead to a business being ranked lower, clients being put away and of course bring in zero user conversion and engagement. So no matter how what e-commerce businesses should always prioritise their businesses social presence

Given this scenario, many busy entrepreneurs are in a fix for a solution. This is where Buffer can help.

Buffer enables a user to share content across all the important social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linked in and integrates the content with the social media platforms of a particular business. The fact that content can be shared from anywhere on the web makes it a very important tool to have. Buffer can help content to be put out in a manner that makes the business look quite socially involved. It does not put the content all at once but throughout the day. Enable the Chrome extension for your business and see how manageable social media presence becomes for you. You can also save a lot of time and invest it in all the other things that matter.

Factory Confirm:

When it comes to e-commerce it is always the digital forte that takes the attention. But then, products that are sold on an e-commerce platform do come from a factory. For small business owners who are just starting off with their business it is very important that they find the right factory to source the products. But this is quite a challenging task. More so, if you are a lone entrepreneur starting off with not much contacts.

This is where Factory Confirm can help.

Factory Confirm is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs. It has the capacity to analyse twenty data points in company pages, make external third party searches and its manufacturer’s, sourcify its own data and then authenticate the manufacturers listings in Alibaba.

How does this help entrepreneurs looking for the perfect factory?

Well, this helps entrepreneurs to browse through a list of legitimate factories for free. The fact that one need not go through all the factories in the listing and assess them one by one makes it a very convenient tool to use. Needless to say it is easier to browse through only the main legitimate names and then decide on one rather than have to browse through a lot of listings, find the legitimate ones and then again sit down to browse for the ones that would match the business.

Jungle Scout:

E-commerce is a very competitive place to be. Companies like Amazon and the other big guys of the e-commerce world make it very difficult for small business entrepreneurs to be sure of what they are doing. Making an impact in the market is important for entrepreneurs.

Am I selling the right product?

Is my strategy good enough?

Questions like these always tug at a businessman’s heart. The correct business strategy is the first and the most important step towards a successful business future.

This is where Jungle Scout can help.

Jungle Scout is the third important chrome extension tool that can help small business owners. This tool helps the users to validate product ideas. It provides a user with important business details like sales data, product rank, sales, ranking etc.  Jungle Scout works great for business owners who are starting off in the market. This tool helps those budding entrepreneurs to start their business off with the correct business strategy. Novice entrepreneurs who have the capability but not the proper guidance can gain a lot of insight with this Google Chrome Extension. This also helps to retain many capable entrepreneurs who would have otherwise faded because of a lack of guidance.

There are many ways to do a business. But it is the smart way of doing business that actually brings in success. The business world given that it is very volatile is a very complex place. Keeping pace here takes a lot of hard work and intelligence. It is important that entrepreneurs explore the hidden possibility that are present in their everyday business materials. It is the little adjustments that help to fix up the whole. For those entrepreneurs who are struggling to carve-a-niche in the market, explore the little possibilities in your daily business materials. Start with the conveniences that sit in your Google Chrome Extensions and take the smart route to everlasting success.








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