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The business world is taken by a technological revolution that is altering the very DNA of the world as we know it. Many things have changed but the most prominent change is the emergence of a cashless economy. The way we understand and use cash will very soon be a thing of the past.


There have been changes in technology. Almost every business and consumer prefer online payments. With wallets becoming digital the concept of carrying cash or debit/credit card is no longer popular. People have started to resort to digital wallets because it frees one from the need to carry extra baggage and the worry of losing it.

The e-cash world is already taking shape with the popularity of peer-to-peer payments and the familiar online payments. The business world is brimming with apps, platforms and tools that are slowly but surely creating the E-cash world. A recent study on the P2P payments on a global scale points at $1 trillion dollars. Then there are those emerging online markets where consumers resort to mobile payments as a solution to no access to bank accounts.

Businesses understand that P2P payments and online payments are here to stay. Many companies are already exploring the social e cash world and offering customers more options, features and security measures. For businesses that are still thinking of going full-fledged with P2P payments it is helpful to have a knowledge on the start-up brands that are exploring the world of e-cash.

  1. Apple Pay:

Apple pay works as an app on iPhone and iPad. It is an ideal way to cover online and in-store purchases. Apple Pay can immediately transfer funds for these transactions.

  1. Square Cash:

Square Cash is a free app and allows one to send and receive money from one’s smartphone’s contact list. With this app one can transfer money between phones, bank accounts and also email addresses.

  1. FaceCash:

FaceCash makes payments easy by turning one’s phone into a digital wallet. It allows one to do the following:

  • Make payments with stored payment information
  • Store coupons etc
  • Split bills with friends
  • Access Tip Calculator

FaceCash is mostly free. It charges only a basic $2.99 as an identification fee only.

  1. Twitter Buy, Amazon and American Express:

Twitter has teamed up with companies like Amazon, American Express and other retail brands to make payments for products and services. One can add a hashtag to items in an amazon shopping account when buying products with an American Express Account.

  1. Snapcash and Square:

Snapchat has taken the concept of creating a truly social payment very seriously. It has partnered with Square to make it possible for people to pay each other while being inside their Snapchat Profile.

  1. Facebook Payments:

Facebook makes it possible to make payments through its messenger feature. With this option one can easily make P2P payments within one’s friends list or group chat.

  1. Venmo:

Venmo is an app that allows one to link bank accounts or debit/credit card together. This allows one to send and receive money easily from peers. This app also incorporates a social dimension. It has been very popular and has also been featured as one of the top payment company.

  1. Android Pay:

This app also known as android payment tool is used as Google’s Mobile payment platform for all the Smartphones. This app is all inclusive and takes care of a user’s in-store, online and in-app payments.

  1. American Express Serve:

American Express or AmEx makes it possible to make payments directly from a bank account that is linked. The great part about using American Express Serve is that there is no limit to the amount that one might choose to send or receive. The fact that there is no fees listed for sign-up also makes this a very popular online payment service.

  1. Google Wallet App:

The Google Wallet App focuses on mainly sending and receiving money. It is completely separate from its Android Play Platform. It sends and receives money through iOS and Android systems. One can send money directly to a bank account or leave it in the Google Wallet with this app. The funds in Google wallet works with ATMs and also with Mastercard Debit Cards.

  1. 11. Samsung Pay:

Think about contact less pay? Think Samsung Pay. This app allows one to make contact less pay possible with the help of tap and pay technology. The Samsung pay app works online and also with in-store retail payment machines.

  1. Dwolla:

Dwolla is a user friendly app that makes sending money a piece of cake. It comes with a minimal fee. The best part of using this app is that a recipient does not need to set up an account to send or receive money.

  1. Western Union:

Western Union has always been a wire transfer company. With the changing times and the changing way of talking finance, this company has started to reposition itself to serve the electronic cash world. This company now has an app for iOS and Android. It also has an online payment platform that works with bank accounts and cards. There is no service fee associated with Western Union. There is however a fee on the transfer amounts that come up to $3000.

  1. PopMoney:

PopMoney is a low fee app. This app allows one to transfer money between bank accounts with money requests. Payment in this app are handled by a phone number or an email address.

With the possibility of a cashless economy there are many other companies that are starting to focus on P2P and online payments. The long standing online payment brand Paypal has also started to focus on it. Banks are also not very far behind with Wells Fargo and Chase trying to get a foothold in the Ecash world.

The consumers of today are increasingly allured by the new way of making payments. Keep your business well informed about the changes in the business world and help it to keep pace with the changing financial face.

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