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Explore the Power of Sales Funnels

Is it possible to make money while you sleep?

Yes it is.

Welcome to the world of sales funnels that open up this possibility. Sales funnels are basically automated selling machines. It autopilots the process of turning a potential client into a buyer.

What does Sales Funnel do in a business?

  • Fires Rules
  • Implements tags
  • Calculate Clicks and actions
  • Calculates Email Opens
  • Segments Lists
  • Delivers Offers
  • Processes Payments

Looking at the tasks it is clear that although the term sales funnel seem to be very simple, it actually is a complex and intricate system.

Sales Funnel opens up a great opportunity to make money online. Clickfunnels is a sales funnel platform that was founded by Brunson an Idaho native. It has more than 50,000 users and the platform has turned into a billion dollar business.

The best part is that Sales funnel is a self- funded initiative and entrepreneurs and small business owners can simply start to model what’s working like digital nomads. Of course before one starts to work on building sales funnel one needs to have the following:

  • Advanced knowledge of the eco system
  • Mechanics
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Optimizations

Modelling sales funnels is a very good way to bring in money online. However, it is important that one chooses the right type of sales funnel that one needs to run. According to Brunson, there are three core sales funnels account that generate all their revenue. A small business owner if he/ she can model one of the ‘happening’ sales funnels and if one can do it effectively, one can open up the possibility of generating money online effortlessly. It is true that when it comes to working with sales funnels the road to success is not very easy. The effort is all the worth because one working sales funnel can bring in an everlasting success.

1. Tripwire Funnels:

Things like the Free-plus-shipping-offers is what is termed as Tripwire. Tripwire works on the psychology of buyers that allow them to see sense in buying or paying more.

For a business it is easier to have an existing customer pay more than to find a new buyer.  An existing buyer when he sees value at the bottom naturally would want to climb the value ladder of a business. This Tripwire funnels creates that entry to a buyer with a value that is small. It works to maximise the cart value through the use of sales funnels.

An entrepreneur can implement the tripwire funnel in his business by maybe sending out a pamphlet or by sending out something that promises the buyer a bigger offering.

To take an example from Brunson – ‘There is a company that sold expensive suits. The business realised that their rich owners wore cufflinks with their business suits. So, the business started to give away free cuff links with the expensive suits as a free-plus-shipping offer. One can then start to upsell the business suits.

Once a buyer accepts a free-shipping-offer a business can offer a click-up-and-sell. For customers who do not take the up-sell one can easily offer a payment plan as a down-sell. This can be followed with a lead into the higher ticket items in the sales funnel through the use of email sequences.

The tripwire way of doing sales can really boost sales and bring in income and profits.

2. Webinar Funnels:

Webinar Funnels are used to sell higher ticket items to people online. How to make webinar funnels work?


Focus on creating a webinar that aims at enhancing the audience’s knowledge on one thing. Create a headline around it. For Example – ‘How to Lose Weight?’


The second thing to do is to offer the audience a reason to stay. Many people lose interest in webinars and decide to move off.

Make the Webinar Interactive:

Making the Webinar Interactive will assure that people are paying close attention and are free from distractions.

Use Stories to Make a Connect:

Stories always connect with the audience. Rather than mechanical talks include stories in your webinar.

Earn Trust:

Share your credentials to gain people’s trust.

Calls to Action:

It is important that your webinar has clear calls to action throughout.

Apart from the above listed things, you should make your webinar a platform where the attendees completely can visualise what their life would be with the products or services that are being offered. Secondly be smart when you close the webinar. It is always the last item that stays longer in the attendees mind after the webinar is over. End with the benefits and offers. Lastly, create urgency by using a countdown timer to increase the sales process.

3. High-Ticket Funnels:

A High-Ticket Funnel works to capture a lead then send the lead to an application where they are required to apply to work with you. This leads them to a phone call.

While in the application one needs to ask them a series of questions as to why should your business work with them, etc. Gather enough information that would allow you to vet their business too. Follow this by a phone call to close sales.

Sales Funnels are complex to work with. But an understanding of the same will surely boost a company’s sales. It is all about understanding how it works and implementing it in a way that would work. All one has to do is understand what would apply to one’s business, implement in their strategiess and wait to see the profits come. It is not very easy to work with sales funnels because it is a complex software. Invest your time and develop one that would work. Give it time. Maybe days and weeks. But rest assured that once you know your way around using a sales funnel and making it work for your business there could be no turning back. Profits are sure, income flow will be high and the customer pool will only go on increasing. Explore the potential of Sales Funnels and take your business to success.


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