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Elements that Make Influencer Marketing Hassle-Free

Influencer marketing has become a mainstream business strategy for businesses today. Big corporations and start-ups alike are seen to embrace the bold way of influencer marketing.

This is a way of marketing where businesses focus on influential people to do the marketing. A business that goes the influencer marketing way identifies individuals who can influence potential buyers. Once this is done, the company then orients all the marketing activities of the company around these influencers.

Influencer marketing is becoming popular with the ambitious SMEs. But not all small businesses who are starting off in the market has the financial capacity or brand influence to harbour a mistake. First it is important to find an influencer that matches the brand and tone of the company. Secondly, it is important to plan to the details each step of the influencer marketing strategy. Third comes the collaboration strategy. This is the most important part of an influencer marketing strategy. Here’s a list of ten elements that needs to be integrated between a brand and the influencer to create an effective collaboration between them.

1, Explain the Content:

It is important to give an influencer a lot of creative freedom, but it is equally important that an influencer carries a feel of the company’s brand name in its work. It is important to point out at the earliest what works for a company and what does not, the type of content that a business thinks would work best for its company, etc. Some companies are happy with blogposts while some others prefer high quality post with engaging media. A proper plan of content at place when combined with the expertise of an influencer can help a business to make the best out of the campaign.

2. Explain the Amount of Media Required for a Campaign:

A marketing campaign with relevant imagery, videography, infographics and gif gains faster popularity than just plain writing.

Before moving onto an imagery plan it is wise to ask an influencer if he or she has a portfolio that goes with the business campaign. For a campaign to incur less expenses on visuals it is best to include only the following:

  • Lifestyle shots
  • Informational Video Clips
  • Product Pictures, and
  • Video Tutorials

3.Discuss Channels of Publications:

The channels of a marketing campaign publication depends first on the audience, the brand and the type of products and services that a company running the campaign provides. It is also important to match the channel of publication with the influencers’ pages and followers.

It is wise to decide beforehand if the same campaign would be published across all social media platforms or every platform would differ according to the different platforms.

Last minute changes here can bring in a loss of time and money.

4. Content Usage Rights:

It is important for a business to establish its content usage rights initially in the campaign. In influencer marketing campaigns it is natural for both the parties to reach an agreement where the influencer will retain some ownership as the creator of the content that he or she is authorised to publish. But it does not take away the ownership rights of the company. It is important that the rights of each party is established at the very beginning.

The content usage rights agreement of a collaboration with an influencer must look upon the following:

  • Copyrights
  • Licenses
  • Clearances that is used for third party usage

5. Stick to the Rules of Sponsored Content:

When working with sponsored content it is important for both the business and the influencer to be aware of the rules and regulations that govern sponsored content.

The rules of sponsored content change weekly. It is also important to note that different countries have different rules around sponsored content. Check the legislations and outline them clearly in the agreement.

6. Tracking Links:

Every marketing campaign has a tracking link. The same goes for influencer marketing campaigns. In order for a business to check on how an influencer’s post is doing it is important to provide them with tracking links.  Same goes for coupons and promotional codes.

Before handing out the codes however it is important that a business specifies exactly where it wants the codes to be applied.

7. Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Campaigns:

While talking about sponsorship it is important to decide beforehand whether a business is interested in running a dedicated campaign or a non-dedicated one. Be clear about the type of sponsorship agreement before signing.

8. Preview Expectations:

There are many companies that want to see an influencer’s post before they are published. Businesses prefer to do so because it allows them to check if the style and tone of the published content matches with their company brand name.  A preview is helpful when it comes to assessing an influencer’s content mostly because it allows a company to avoid the task of deleting a poor post after it has been published. The wrong content has the capacity to ruin the image of a brand.

A preview expectation should have the following things in the agreement:

  • The timeline for work completion
  • Deadlines
  • Review and approval Schedule for the campaign posts.

9. Set a Timeline:

Setting a timeline will help both the parties to keep pace with the progress of a marketing campaign.

10. Basics of Payment:

It is quite natural to expect that the influencer will not work for free. A business should not be surprised at the cost that it might have to shell out to create an influencer marketing campaign. Having said this it is important to exactly decide on the amount and the reasons for payment to avoid any hidden costs. To give an example, the fee should ideally include the following:

  • Content Creation
  • Usage Rights
  • Access to Influencer’s Audience

The collaboration contract helps to smoothen the crease that may arise while running an influencer marketing campaign. Businesses looking to go the influencer marketing way must integrate these elements in business for a long lasting relation and smooth work culture.

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