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Automation Tools that Save Business Hours

‘Time is money’.

Every entrepreneur understands the wisdom of this proverb but are unable to implement it. There are various reasons why. The nth number of tasks that keep piling every business minute is also a quite justified reason. But justification for wasted time does not make up the word success. Entrepreneurs need to understand and implement time management to cross the threshold of struggle to success. Small businesses that are just starting up need to understand the value of time even more. Given that these SMEs have not yet established a strong foothold in the market, it is very important that small businesses start their business venture the right way.

It is believed that the possibility of automating jobs is killing people’s jobs. But if one moves to the practical implications of it all and has a look at it from a busy entrepreneur point of view, they will see that automation is actually a boon. More so, if you are an entrepreneur who is looking at saving time and investing your business minutes to the things that matter to your business.

Here is a list of tasks automating which will give entrepreneurs small or big a lot of well managed time.

1.Social Media Updates:

It is a well-known fact for entrepreneurs that a digital engagement with their customers is an imperative part of their business. But unless you have an ample of free time, simply the task of posting updates and seriously engaging with the audience takes up a lot of business hours. It is best to automate these social media updates of a company.


There are tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that can help one to schedule social media updates in advance. Having sorted out one’s social media needs before the business week starts can help save a lot of time. One then just needs to sit back and focus on the task at hand. One can also use tools like and that help to identify social media followers and engage them.

2. Website Logins:

Multiple Login is a common thing for small business owners. This results in a lot of passwords that need to be remembered. Looking for a lost password is one time consuming thing. Automating this task can help entrepreneurs save a lot of time.

Using password managers can help solve this issue. These password managers automatically save and generate passwords. An entrepreneur using a password manager needs just to remember one password that opens a person’s vault.

The fact that password managers keep information secure makes it the ideal solution for website logins.

3. Data Backup:

Having a data backup is like having hours of time saved.

Earlier, when data was not saved on cloud, it was increasingly difficult to retrieve or recover lost data. Not only precious time was lost but also a lot of money was spent on recovering files. Moreover the threat to security was another problem that was common with having no data backup.

Entrepreneurs can save data on cloud. The automatic restoration feature will surely save a lot of time.

4. Accounting, Invoicing and Tax:

Time consuming and really boring is the task of accounting, sending invoices, etc. Keeping a note of payment reminders, filing taxes, making bank transfers, storing receipts or keeping real-time financial alerts, is quite a task.

Thanks to automation technology an entrepreneur can easily automate all the book keeping tasks of a company. There are many invoicing services available in the market that make book keeping in a company feel like a piece of cake. One can breeze through the tax seasons with the book keeping automation taxes.

5. Business Analytics Reporting:

In this age of social media marketing spending a lot of time in marketing is important. This results in an entrepreneur to switch between various business dashboards to another without even keeping trace of the time spent.

Thanks to automation tools like Cyfe entrepreneurs can browse through and monitor analytics, marketing, Social Media, Sales and Customer Support all from one dashboard.

6. Email Marketing:

A growing business would naturally have a large audience and clients. It is not possible to send a personal email to every individual. Moreover hiring someone to simply handle the emails is an unnecessary expense.

There are many automation apps like Mailchimp, Aweber and Drip that launch sequences, send post purchase follow-ups, send welcome and Birthday messages, works for abandoned cart recovery etc. A business that uses automation tools for email marketing can surely be in constant touch with their clients without having to spend time only doing that.

7. Customer Support:

In this age of e-commerce and digital marketing, the quality of a customer support goes a long way in building a business. But it is also not possible to be available to all customers at the same time. This is where businesses can use automation tools like Salesforce Help Desk etc. to give after hour supports to customers, improve the rate of conversions, engage and assist customers as needed while lowering the workload of a team.

8. Employee Scheduling:

Scheduling employees manually is not only time consuming but very tiring. Hubworks and When I Work are two tools that can help businessmen to schedule employees without hassles.

9. Filling Online Forms:

It is necessary to stay connected and subscribe to important platforms when running a business. But filling online forms naturally takes a lot of time. When one needs to fill several online forms it becomes increasingly repetitive and time-consuming. Entrepreneurs can do away with this task with automation tools like Roboform. Roboform helps one to fill forms using stored information.

10. Lead Magnets:

Lead magnets inspire customers reading through a business content to subscribe to its email list. This allows a company to make potential customers out of normal browsers using nurturing tactics in this case emails.

The smart way of working leads to everlasting success. Work smart with automation tools and take your business to success effortlessly.

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