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A Look at the Future of Content Marketing

Quote: “No matter how digitalised or materialistic the world is, we do business with sentient human beings. It is therefore important to write content that touches a customer’s heart and not just google rankings.”

 ‘Content is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline’ – Jay Baer

Ever since the conception of language the power of the written word has been deemed as the mightiest force. Very subtle, it is almost an invisible force; but a force nonetheless that leaves a lasting impact if it touches the correct notes of the reader. The written word has evolved through the ages powerfully and has now made its presence felt in today’s business world. Content as we know today shapes the path where a business is headed to.


In business terms, by bridging the gap of communication between buyers and sellers. There cannot be a business exchange without communication and when it comes to business communication of a digital market, there cannot be communication without content. The question that now arises is – ‘As an ambitious SME are you communicating about your business in a language that your clients love and understand?’

The past year like every year has seen a lot of interactions, advertisements and campaigns. Some left a trailblazer while some others made a temporary buzz. As the year 2017 comes to an end, we are all geared up to learn from the past and start afresh. In this article, let’s have a look at what kind of content would make for a great marketing campaign in the changing business scene of 2018.

  1. Write for Humans:

With the advent of Social Media Marketing things like Google analytics and page rankings have taken precedence over the quality of conversation. Companies fill their web pages with content that are written aimed at getting a high ranking and capable of bringing in traffic as soon as it is published. This might look business smart initially but it fails in the long run.


Because it has the human factor missing in it.

No matter how digitalised or materialistic the world is, we do business with sentient human beings. It is therefore important to write content that touches a customer’s heart and not just google rankings. This would bring in genuine clients who would want to know more and most importantly, keep coming back. This in turn would boost a business’ traffic positively.

For example – If an SME sells sports products, its worth will be assessed by sports enthusiasts. Things like google rankings, analytics of the company content will not matter to them. It is the trust and value worth of the articles they read that might trigger an interest in them in the first place to come and check what the business is all about.

  1. Actionable Content:

An article when it is made engaging becomes interesting. Content marketing campaigns thrive on interactive articles. It is wise for SMEs to focus on creating content marketing campaigns that engages customers in all possible ways.

How can SMEs do that?

For example – By creating articles that has a little quiz based on the content at the end. A company can then proceed to give away prizes to the winners. Another way one can create interesting content is by writing articles that educate people and have live interaction sessions. This opens up a two way conversation, between the company and the consumer. A conversation in turn would familiarise the company with potential consumers and build trust.

An SME that sells laptops can have a blog dedicated to customers where they write about the latest products and offer live expert advice on them while helping customers to decide on what to buy and why.

There are a plethora of options that one can explore when creating engaging content. Things like free coffee for the first few subscriptions to a company blog also work wonder to improve a business ranking. Engaging content bring back readers for more thereby increasing traffic and retaining customers.

  1. Stories Matter:

Everyone loves to hear a good story. Stories gives a face to the company in question.

Every business has a blog which is doing a one sided content marketing where the company talk and people hear. Bringing in the human touch is the game changer here. Featuring stories to promote a product rather than advertisements is how content marketing would take shape in 2018.

If you are at a loss about what I am talking about, take a look at the official website of Coca-Cola. Their official website called ‘The Journey’ is all about stories. Stories that somehow relate to the product. Stories work because it relates to the human element of business.

  1. Transparency:

Consumers today question everything about a business.     Transparency is becoming an increasingly important factor for retaining customers. The year 2018 would see more content that is transparent and easy to authenticate.

One can easily create such articles by backing it up with information that supports what the article says.

  1. Contextual Content Experience:

In this age of AI, content has moved beyond the screen. Business today works in a world of beacons, censors and the Internet-of-Things. The written word is no longer restricted within the virtual walls of Facebook or a blog.

With consumers interacting directly with AI and virtual assistants through apps like Siri it is important that SMEs think about content marketing in these new contexts. For a marketing campaign to succeed it is important that it is in sync with the times.

­SMEs often lose their way amidst the technicalities of Social Media Marketing. True, the technicalities of business are uncompromisable; what with the world taking a giant leap towards a complete hi-tech world. But having said and done all, we should not forget what is at the heart of all of this. Who does business cater to? It caters to the people.

The year 2018 will see a lot of things digital, hi-tech and advanced. While it is important to move with the changing times it is also important that we do not lose the human touch. Base content marketing tactics on humans and see a business effortlessly reach popularity and commendable rankings.

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