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Emirates NBD Global Business Series – Silver Jubilee Special

An overview of Emirates NBD Global Business Series, the illustrious icons and a sparkling celebration of the 25th centenary of the event.



Dubai, the modern day business hub is the cradle of entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation; and the dream place to succeed. None can deny that Dubai’s meteoric rise has been due to these three strong pillars, governing every sector of Dubai – be it government or private. But what everyone couldn’t see was that there was a tremendous need and hunger for a mentor, an inspiration to help the aspiring entrepreneurs market their ideas and innovate better; a business persona who has already travelled the path that these entrepreneurs are going to embark on and provide them with the much required strength, knowledge and perspective. SPI identified this void and, in association with Emirates NBD Business Banking, developed the unique concept of Global Business Series where a selected group of business aspirers has the opportunity to witness an up-close and personal interactive session with the business icons of the region. It is envisioned as an opportunity for regional aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to be a part of an exclusive event that would transcend from the professional to the personal scope of the visionaries. The series honors the crème-de-la-crème of business tycoons, millionaires & billionaires, powerful decision makers and inspiring pioneers – all of whom have been the author of their own destiny.

The Emirates NBD Global Business Series was launched in 2013 and on February 1, 2017, it has completed its 25th edition marking the silver jubilee of this one-of-a-kind event in the business community of UAE. The icons for the evening were H.E Abdul Base Al Janahi, CEO of Dubai SME and Magnus Olsson, CXO & Co-founder of Careem.

Each session of the Emirates NBD Global Business Series gives the participants a rare glimpse to the blood, sweat and tears that go into the making of a great and successful businessman. The series has never been about regular boring insipid business interviews but provides a unique insight into the personal lives of each of the icons – delving into their childhood, their upbringing, early career, motivating drivers, successes, fears, achievements and the ultimate goals of life. Each of our guests has been unique in their own way creating a memorable session for all participants involved.

Why Attend
Business success takes strategic thinking, problem solving and good decision making. No matter how long someone have been in the business, there will always be more decisions to make, opportunities to assess and problems to solve. Emirates NBD Global Business Series doesn’t just try to lay out a step-by-step blueprint for success but also helps entrepreneurs become better thinkers.

Another advantage of attending the series is the glimpse that participants can get into the tremendous effort and sacrifices that go into making of a great business and the human emotions that are revealed by the business tycoons who have made the journey from good to great. It is not always smooth sailing on the way to create a sustainable business.

While there’s no denying the fact that many billionaires are brilliant, the interactions also help the entrepreneurs into learning to take action and think more strategically – to ensure that their business stays around for a long time.

List of Icons 
Our first icon was Yogesh Mehta, Managing Director of Petrochem Middle East. It was an emotional and an awe-inspiring evening for everyone present and the success of that session eventually led to setting the barometer pretty high for the entire Emirates NBD Global Business Series. Since then, each of our icons has been extremely influential and venerable personalities with a strong story to tell.

The Complete List of our Icons:


The icons of the 25th edition of the Emirates NBD Global Business Series were H.E. Abdul Baset Al Janahi and Magnus Olsson. The evening witnessed a congregation of the highest and sharpest minds of Emirates NBD, the Government of Dubai and elite business premiers; a unique, exclusive and path-breaking convention of billionaires and top honchos from the region.

Interactive-SessionThe gala held under open air at the 5-star Grand Hyatt, Dubai was presented by Emcee Bexta Tierney. It was followed by the felicitation of Mr. Tariq Qureishy who has been a long-time moderator of the Emirates Global Business Series and the felicitation of Mr. Arjun Santhanakrishnan of GSC Consulting. The event was then taken over by Tariq who took the audience through a beautiful journey of the past GBS sessions and its previous icons post which Mr. Suvo Sarkar, Senior Executive Vice President & Group Head – Retail Banking & Wealth Management at Emirates NBD took a few minutes to address the audience. The evening was marked with the unveiling of Emirates NBD Global Business Series Special Edition Coffee Table Book – conceptualized and created in honor of all the icons till date by H.E. Abdul Baset Al Janahi. The unveiling was followed by two stimulating and engaging conversations with H.E. Abdul Baset Al Janahi and Magnus Olsson, both moderated by Tariq Qureishy and amidst huge applause of the audience. In a nutshell, the 1st of Feb, 2017 turned out to be a gorgeous and memorable centenary for the Emirates NBD Global Business Series.


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