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Human-to-Human (H2H) poised to disrupt e-commerce

Mohammed Johmani, CEO and Founder of Dubai-based and startup Cary!  explains about the opportunities and threats he has been facing with the rise of human-to human business model.

Mohammed-Johmani,Carry-Intelligent-SMECompanies such as AirBnb and Uber have transcended their position in the market by recognizing the incomparable advantages of Ecommerce as their main platform for doing business.  Top-down communication and business models would soon be something of the past, with a revolutionized economic system that leaves companies fostering collaboration and utilizing technology to build trust amongst consumers. Start-ups who capitalize on this sharing economy have the chance to drive consumer behavior and encourage people in their market to be more open about trying new and unconventional products and services.

The marketplace www.cary.ae established in 2013 and did only offer cars in the beginning, focusing on resellers rather than users. Founder Mohammed Johmani did see new potentials in the market and within his industry that gave him the idea to shift his business towards a more user-friendly, social and human-to-human model.

Can you give example on how Cary! Has adopted human-to-human? 
We have many features on our platforms that promote human-to-human collaboration in buying and selling items. Contact information and modes of communication are made available to buyers when they need to speak to the sellers. We also promote a very casual and friendly tone of voice when it comes to our communication with our audience, and leave room for people to feel free when enlisting any items on our platforms.

How does this impact the customer experience on your platform? 
Human-to-human is about building a connection, not just trying to make a sale. Creating value-added experiences that saves the customer some money along the way was our new reality. We made sure to implement investment in consumer satisfaction marketing in an effort to drive word of mouth advertising, which we believe is vital. (this is on-point), we can add the following as well: the way we speak to our audience and how we interact on transactional, promotional, or business levels is very casual, personal, and does not have restrictions when it comes to availability.

What challenges and threats do you face as a startup in such a competitive market? 
It’s a very competitive market with so much development and growth on a day-to-day basis, this creates somewhat of a challenge when it comes to developing and updating our platform and backend with the most up-to-date trends in the market. This on the other hand comes to us as an opportunity, where we have so much to learn from all around us, it gives us more and more ability to grow and stay focused on the important parts of development. Especially seeing as we are a start-up in the market, the more we have to learn from, the better and faster we can succeed.Carry-1-Intelligent-SME

What potentials do you forecast in the next 5 years for your industry and in the market? 

We live in a fast-changing environment and plans can change overnight, hence many things are in our plans for as soon as a few days from now. The e-commerce industry is with no doubt fast-growing and soaring at an unbelievable pace, this is definitely something we will be taking into our advantage as a start-up with so much to do and so many ideas to build on. We are not only in a fast-changing environment, but also a competitive one, in which we always need to keep updating and refining our users’ experience. That being said, we have recently launched a new version our both our website and our application that cater better to our users’s needs. This lead to a large increase in the number of users on our platforms as it was highly comprehensive and acquired a strong competitive edge. Those human touches on the other hand are definitely remaining part of the formula.

As a startup, where does your business stand today in the journey to become a profitable high-value enterprise? 
We are a stage in our journey where we have developed an excellent skeleton to our business model. We are keeping it consistent and building at a very fast-pace. Assets are in place, because of which we believe in any moment can result in overnight changes and success.

  • Our website has the unique advantage of being incredibly user friendly, beautiful uncluttered design, and a backend as solid as can be. Things are looking up with new updates and a large number of users.
  • We’re looking forward to many updates to come in the very near time that we are sure will give us more of a competitive advantage, turn e-commerce around, and change the way we get things done in this market!


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