Aws M. Younis: Legal options for SMEs

Aws M. Younis, Managing Director-Founder, Abdulla Al Suwaidi Advocates shares his inspirational journey as a lawyer. He sees his work as being true the noble objectives of saving rights and delivering justice.

Aws-M.YounisQ: How long have you been practicing law in Dubai, UAE? Share with us some of your milestones cases? 

I am working in Dubai since more than 10 years, having more than 15 years of experience in the legal field, the last six years of which I extensively involved in real estate disputes, I worked as a head of legal for a renowned real estate developer in Dubai for about two years, then I have joined Prestige Advocates and Legal Consultants as the head of legal consultancy department where I am mostly practicing real estate and corporate laws. Then I become the Founder and Managing Director for Abdulla Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants located in Business Bay, Dubai.

Q: Why did you aspire to become a lawyer?
To begin with, I thank God for making me a Lawyer for my belief that this profession is noble, its beauty lies in its fidelity to the objectives of saving rights and delivering justice.

Q: Do you think it is easy to practice law under the UAE jurisdiction given its stringent policies? What is your outlook on judgments of the Dubai Courts? Are they qualitative or just quantitative?
I do not find myself constrained to practice my profession as a lawyer in the UAE, but the great diversity of nationalities here has given us an opportunity to gain new experiences and learn the laws of other countries, made us look in and make comparisons, which led to the expansion of our legal perceptions, benefit from the experiences of others countries and avoid their mistakes in the enactment of laws and the drafting of provisions and articles. The commercial activity in the Emirate of Dubai in particular has urged us to elaborate all the global and local business laws. The most important trade laws, corporate laws, maritime trade laws, land, sea and air transport laws, which earned us expertise on the needs of traders, earned us the experience of how to protect them from losses in the Platform for their work and the ability to protect them and the ability to protect them from fraudsters as we also specialized in international arbitration cases.

Q: Do you get inspired from the judgments of prominent constitutional courts in the world? How?
I always believe that the judicial judgment is the title of right and justice, and we do not discuss in that, however, I also adheres to rule that the lawyer is the stand Judge though the iudgment is sentenced by the seated Judge which has the authority of judicial ruling, in the sense that to recognize judgment of the courts, whatever the outcome, even was for the benefit of our principal or against him, and resort to appeal judgments which contained formal or legal violation to the Supreme court by means set by procedure Code, however, recognizing operative judgments do not prevent from expressing our humble legal opinion if we had a dissenting point of view or legal opinion, as one of the rich sources of law in diligence, I do not hide how much we enjoy our work in our office when pant behind diligence which adds to the legal thought in the state not to surrender to what are stable only.

Q: Law has become a money making profession across the globe and it is no more like a service to mankind. Please shed some light on these issues.
I do not believe that a particular profession achieve high income to the professional, as people when come across a doctor they say that his work would bring him high income as well as a lawyer, an engineer and the merchant employer, but I think that income depends on the help of God firstly, of course, but then it depends on the person himself. I mean that a person can be with high incomes, regardless of his profession was either a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer or a dealer, for example, how many of a bus driver began his career with a small monthly salary as an employee and then became the owner of a bus fleet.

My humble opinion is that man in every phase of his life should determine his goal and what he must reached both in terms of income and in terms of his career and social status and everything related to the affairs of his life. But determining his goal only is not enough, he must sought to it by finding but even by creating ways and means that will enable him to achieve the goal.

Q: What is your advice for the young budding lawyers? What is the key of success in the legal profession? What are your thought on the legal education in the UAE?
I advice my young fellows through what I have learned from my teachers and through my experience with the following:

  • Respect your work as a Lawyer as your profession is one of the highest and most prestigious professions to impose your respect to others.
  • Keep on the principles of the legal profession to continue the dignity and progression of this profession as we have inherited from our ancestors, our.
  • Do not seek from behind your business as a lawyer to just make money, not make it the only goal but also try to be a successful lawyer proficient for his work worthy of the confidence of his clients and then money will come to you as you like.
  • After gaining experience, deal with each case assigned to you as you are looking in its subject matter for the first time to give this case its right from your knowledge and effort.
  • Put the right of your Principal a trust around your neck.

Q: What is your expertise and area of practice?
I am a qualified legal consultant, practicing Corporate, Real Estate, commercial and Banking, Civil Law. I have worked for seven years with an international law firm in Dubai and Baghdad which seeks suitable opening in legal firm, or as – in house – Legal Consultant in an international company, to broaden up the know-how and utilize the expertise gained through past legal experience and chamber work in the Oil and Gas field, real estate and companies law while working with reputed legal firms and representing multinational and leading corporate companies as clients. My other expertise includes legal consulting, writing-drafting legal documents and client coordination skills.

Q: What type of legal aid does Abdulla Al Suwaidi Advocates cater to? How big is the team and what  services does the firm offer to its clients?
From the smallest requests to the largest disputes, Abdulla Al Suwaidi Advocates caters to all your legal needs. We provide you with multiple solutions to each of your conflicts. As a newly establish legal firm in Dubai we wish to introduce our team and our services. Our team of lawyers consist of more than 10 Lawyers has been operating through the legal sector in the UAE for over 10 years and in the Middle East for over 20 years. With years of resolving clients’ issues in the region, we make the UAE law work in your favour.  We are working the field of Commercial Laws, Property and Real Estate Laws, Labour Laws & Employment disputes, Litigation and Arbitration, Civil disputes, banking and Finance Criminal laws, Company Formations & Incorporations, Constructions laws disputes between Employer and Contractor, Civil Status Law & Will Formatting, Debt Recovery.

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