What is your net worth in leadership credits?

Michael Tolan gives away a few tips to leaders on how to build trust and respect among employees so that it encourages them to stay with the organisation, no matter what.

Untitled-2 [dropcap]S[/dropcap]tarting a company is never simple, but keeping one going is the catch.

Entrepreneurs begin their journey with purpose and passion but soon realize there are many dynamics at work when assembling the team to execute their vision.

The blending of experiences and aspirations of others into the company cocktail can often yield a delicious mix of enthusiasm, euphoria and the winning formula of success.

But not always.  Attracting the perfect mix of talent, devotion and passion into your organization may take more time and energy than you think.

It is not always about money, title or down-the-road profit potential. It is often dependant on the leadership interpersonal skills of the person standing at the front of the line. You.

Turnover in companies is growing at an increasing rate with so many options and offers available at the click of a mouse. This is why leaders today must focus on building the best ‘all star’ team within their ranks.

‘The right face in the right places’ is a very correct adage to this all important facet of building a successful team.

After all, who are you when you stand alone?

The treatment of the people you will place into your ecosystem that support your front and back end services or product offerings will have much to do with their perception of feeling at home with you and your mission and vision.

Here are a few tips on guiding you to build the trust and respect that will encourage your people to stick by you no matter what, and help you shape your determined future with a winning hand. It is all about building leadership credits.


aTalking about others in front of others when they are not there.

This is a strategy that can backfire. You might have thought that by doing this, you were sending a control message to the other people on your team, a kind of auto correct that says, I do not like Henry because he takes longer lunch breaks, therefore encouraging them not to do the same.

The ricochet effect is that the others begin to see that unless you immediately have a good talk with Henry after this announcement, that you are prone to harboring animosity, and if you can do it to Henry, what about them?

In order to build unshakable trust, consider yourself a parent. Be transparent, open and honest about your expectations with every member on the team and review their progress with them so they in turn can auto-correct. No one wants to feel like they are lame, so give them the guidance, tools and encouragement to be all they can be for the betterment of the entire team. Then, if they are not up to scratch, you have the option of suggesting another role, or ultimately another career
path for them.


bDo what you say you are going to do.

Leaders today who talk, talk, talk and never seem to act, or act differently than they espouse are doomed for a cave in.  Building trust is also about consistency.

In order to lead the pack, you will be tested everyday by your own actions, even down to the looks you might give someone behind their back when seen by any of the other members of staff. Remember that leadership is not only responsibility, its power. You have the power to hire and fire, to applaud and discipline, so use the power you have with controlled awareness.

Imagine that every word you say, every move you make is being recorded as if being filmed in the eyes and minds of the audience you have attracted to motor your enterprise ahead of the waves.

Adopting an awareness of this can save you time and money.


cUse a speakerphone with your team.

If you have ever been in a one to one conversation with someone and then suddenly experienced the need to involve a reaction or opinion of a third party, you might have realized that when they got them on the line, you never could imagine what is being said on the other side of the conversation.

Unless the speakerphone is being used.

This automatically created transparency and responsibility on all parties.

Open up the communications in your organization so that your team members are bolstered with confidence to speak their mind, to allow them to participate instead of behaving like a subservient nobody, afraid of what their boss might say.

Many entrepreneurs fear that the opinions of others are threats against their authority and their ego as a leader. Although there are legitimate occasions for battle stations and not so much commentary, allowing others to feel that their opinions matter can fuel their trust and feeling of security in order to spur them to learn initiative which is the magic of ‘leadership inspiration’ today.

Being the boss looks great on a business card and in the social circles away from your office. However, when the leadership posture you adopt is put into action by giving your team a sense of purpose, appreciation, and value, you will walk into work and away from it everyday having built something more than profits.

You will have experienced what it is like to build a strong castle where all of the inhabitants love and trust their king.

All of this will add leadership credits to your account. The stronger your leadership account, the more readily employees will feel like serving you and the organization.

Start putting more leadership credit in the bank today. It will be your ATM machine of reliability, constancy, and sustainable productivity.

Deposit first, then withdraw. Maintain a healthy balance.

Remember, others are always banking on your good credit as their leader.

About the author

Michael Tolan

Michael J. Tolan is a speaker, writer and corporate mentor and board advisor to several organisations. He is the creator of Mission I’m Possible series of motivational workshops through FirePowerLeadership.com and is the Chief Inspirational Officer of the World Class Academy of Excellence (Follow him on Twitter @worldclassgroup).

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